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Guild Wars Prophecies or Prophecies, initially known simply as Guild Wars, is the first released campaign of Guild Wars. The release date was April 28, 2005.

Content and Packaging[edit]


Guild Wars Standard Edition (box content)[edit]

The Guild Wars Standard Edition box with 2 fold out flaps comes in 3 different looks (different character pictures on the cover) and includes the following:

  • Game discs (2)
  • The Guild Wars Manuscripts game manual
  • Guild Wars Quick Reference card
  • Install Guild Wars installation information sheet

Guild Wars Collector's Edition (box content)[edit]


The Guild Wars Collector's Edition box includes the above content plus the following collector's edition exclusives:

  • Collector's Exclusive: Divine Aura
  • Logitech Internet Chat Headset (US), Genius HS-02N Headset (EU)
  • Teamspeak Software (custom version)
  • Teamspeak Installation Guide information sheet
  • Hardcover The Art of Guild Wars artbook; 128 Pages (US), Softcover The Art of Guild Wars artbook; 128 Pages (EU)
  • Guild Wars Soundtrack CD

Adding the Prophecies CE access key to an account that already includes Prophecies will only add the Divine Aura; it will not add additional character slots or storage.

Guild Wars Special Edition (box content)[edit]

GuildWars special edition box.jpg

The Guild Wars Special Edition box includes the Standard Edition content plus the following Special Edition exclusives:

  • Guild Wars Soundtrack CD
  • Guild Wars Manual: The Manuscripts: 144 pages of information (Different from Collector's Edition)
  • Softcover Guild Wars Art Book: The Art of Guild Wars Book 2; 72 Pages (Different from Collector's Edition)
  • Unlock code for 7 normal skills, 1 Elite skill and 2 weapon or armor upgrades
  • Bonus Music Key: Free access to additional in-game music from DirectSong; includes 4 exclusive tracks
  • Map of Tyria; 600mm by 360mm, folded

Guild Wars Game of the Year Edition (America/New Zealand) (box content)[edit]

GuildWars game of the year box.jpg

In the "Game of the Year" edition, you can type in "/bonus" in the chat system while in a town or outpost to unlock and create 7 max weapons exclusive to the Game of the Year edition customized for your character . (This can be done as many times as you wish, but only weapons not already in your inventory will be created.)

  • Game discs (2 CDs)
  • Card indicating how to access The Guild Wars Manuscripts online
  • Guild Wars Quick Reference card
  • Install Guild Wars installation information sheet
  • NCsoft Trial Codes booklet
  • NCsoft Product Catalog
  • Access Key Card

Guild Wars 1 Million Edition (Europe) (box content)[edit]

  • Game discs (2 CDs)
  • The Guild Wars Manuscripts game manual
  • Guild Wars Quick Reference card
  • Install Guild Wars installation information sheet
  • Guild Wars Soundtrack CD
  • Guild Wars poster (Eve on one side, Factions Assassin, Nika, on the reverse)
  • Unlock code for bonus weapons

Guild Wars Platinum Edition (Box Content)[edit]

GuildWars platinum box.jpg

Guild Wars Factions Platinum Edition (Box Content)[edit]

GuildWars factions platinum box.jpg
  • Guild Wars Prophecies and Guild Wars Factions disc (1 DVD)
  • Reduced Price
  • Game Box
  • Box Holographic Cover
  • Color Manual (91 Pages)

Guild Wars Trilogy (Box Content)[edit]

  • Guild Wars Prophecies, Guild Wars Factions, and Guild Wars Nightfall disc (1 DVD)
  • Reduced Price
  • Game Box
  • Trilogy Quick Start Guide (48 Pages)
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Access to M.O.X. after attaining level 10.
  • Access to Bonus items and Fire Imp Summoning stone.

Guild Wars The Complete Collection (Box Content)[edit]

GuildWars The Complete Collection box.jpg
  • Guild Wars Prophecies, Guild Wars Factions, Guild Wars Nightfall and Guild Wars Eye of the North disc (1 DVD)
  • Reduced Price
  • Game Box
  • NCSoft Catalogue 2008/2009
  • Guild Wars Quick Reference Card
  • Guild Wars The Complete Collection Account creation tutorial
  • Guild Wars The Complete Collection Game Activation Card
  • Includes access to bonus weapons, fire imp and M.O.X.


Guild Wars Prophecies provided the players with the six core professions that are featured in every Guild Wars installment.

Warrior Warrior

The Warrior is the only melee profession of the original 6 professions. The warrior's skills are designed to enhance the use of swords, axes, shields and hammers and they are able to use the most resilient armor in the game. These characters are the brute tanks, capable of taking and delivering more physical damage than the other professions. They also have the primary attribute Strength, which grants extra armor penetration when using melee skills. They also have access to Stances which modify their abilities, and Shouts to boost the party's performance and impair groups of enemies. Warriors generally follow the god of war, Balthazar.


The bow-wielding profession, this profession also serves as a nature profession, with skills for bows, pets, and environmental superiority. Their attributes are, respectively, Marksmanship, Beast Mastery, and Wilderness Survival. Their primary attribute is Expertise, which reduces the energy cost of attacks, skills, and certain spells. Rangers follow the Goddess of Nature, Melandru, their first pet is usually the Melandru's Stalker named after their Goddess.

Monk Monk

The healer profession, this profession serves as a healer, protector, and smiter. Their attributes are, respectively, Healing Prayers, Protection Prayers, and Smiting Prayers. Their primary attribute is Divine Favor, which gives additional healing to their spells. Monks generally follow Dwayna when healing or protecting and follow Balthazar when smiting.

Elementalist Elementalist

The Elementalist is the sorcerer profession. Elementalists may specialize in air, earth, fire, or water magic, allowing an elementalist to offer many different advantages.Their primary attribute is Energy Storage, which gives them additional Energy. Elementalists support a god in relation to which attribute they are studying: Air Elementalists support Dwayna, Earth Elementalists support Melandru, Water Elementalists support Grenth, and Fire Elementalists support Balthazar.

Necromancer Necromancer

The death-based profession, featuring hexes and corpse exploitation skills. The Necromancer's attributes are Blood Magic, Death Magic, and Curses. Their primary attribute is Soul Reaping, which provides the Necromancer with additional energy from fallen foes (or allies). They follow Grenth, the God of Death and Ice.

Mesmer Mesmer

A spellcasting profession, using skills to interfere with the opponent's energy, health, and skills. A Mesmer's magical ability is best described as magic of the mind. Their attributes are Domination Magic, Illusion Magic, and Inspiration Magic. Their primary attribute is Fast Casting, which increases the speed of their spell and signet casting. They follow Lyssa.


Tyria, the continent that Guild Wars Prophecies is based on, offers many opportunities for the player.

Six regions to explore[edit]

Continent of Tyria
Concept Art
This once great kingdom lays in ruins after the Charr invasion. Now the last surviving humans of this region struggle to stay alive and push back the ever-increasing Charr threat.
Shiverpeak Mountains
This snowy mountain range separates Ascalon and Kryta and spans north of them as well. It is a region plagued by both vicious monsters, and an ongoing civil war between the Deldrimor Dwarves and the Stone Summit Dwarves.
These beautiful grasslands and small forests are guarded by the White Mantle. However, an Undead presence lurks beneath the peaceful facade.
Maguuma Jungle
A thriving jungle inhabited by many creatures and overrun by plantlife.
Crystal Desert
An arid desert inhabited by the ghosts of former warriors.
Ring of Fire Islands
A hellish chain of islands ruled by volcanoes.

Guild Halls[edit]

Though Guild Hall ownership is not limited by campaign owned, seven of the eight available at the release of Prophecies are based on these parts of Tyria's landscape.


Guild Wars offers many themed missions, quests, and rewards.


25 Co-operative Missions[edit]

205 Quests[edit]

Player versus Player[edit]

Guild Wars is as much a PvP-oriented game as it is PvE.

Random Arenas[edit]

Random teams of four compete against each other for various objectives.

Heroes Ascent[edit]

Teams of eight progress through several stages to battle for control of the Hall of Heroes.

Guild Battles[edit]

Two guilds stage a battle at one of the guild's hall. They tactically compete to control a flag stand and ultimately kill the opposing team's guild lord. Wins in Guild Battles are recorded for the ladder during tournament seasons.


Access to Guild Wars Prophecies requires a valid access key to be added to your account. Once added, select Prophecies when creating a new character to create a new Prophecies character. Existing characters from other campaigns can access Tyria via a special quest. See the Tyria article for more details.



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