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DirectSong in the sound options panel

DirectSong is a service partnered with ArenaNet that allows players to purchase soundtracks composed by Jeremy Soule for various games, including soundtracks for each Guild Wars release, as well as various minipacks and unlockable bonus music. When DirectSong music is playing in the game, the DirectSong icon in the Options panel will light up.

Past Offerings (for Guild Wars)[edit]


Expansion packs[edit]

  • Guild Wars Battle Pack One (320 kb/s) $5.99
  • Guild Wars Prophecies Sorrow's Furnace Mini-Pak (128 kb/s) (free)

Redemption codes[edit]


  • When the Sorrow's Furnace update came out, the associated music was only available via DirectSong, though it was offered for free.
  • DirectSong's music is available as WMA files (protected through DRM) or as DRM-free MP3. Only the WMA version will work in-game.
  • After downloading the music packs, the user should make sure to have the latest GuildWars.ds file in the DirectSong storage directory. This file contains the playlist to be used by the game; using an older version of the file will prevent newer music from being played ingame. The latest version can also be downloaded from here (Link no longer works)
  • Not all tracks will play in-game. This is not a bug, but a side-effect of how cinematic music is played. Those tracks are played only during cinematics, and cinematics use a different way to play music, so they won't use DirectSong. If players want to hear those tracks during gameplay, they will have to manually edit the DirectSong.ds file. It can be achieved by following these advanced tips.
  • According to Gaile and Stéphane, DirectSong no longer provide or supports Sorrow's Furnace or Battle Pack One [see Gaile Talk Page]
  • The newer DirectSong website has been reported to have not been working with older DirectSong accounts [see Gaile Talk Page]
  • It has been reported that newer downloads of soundtrack packs have been unable to register, thereby leaving the user with no in-game music as advertised [see Gaile Talk Page]
  • DirectSong's support desk service has been reported to not respond to any requests for support, even account support requests [see Gaile Talk page]

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