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Guild Wars: The Complete Collection is a compilation first released in Europe and then in the United States several months later. It includes all three campaigns (Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall), as well as the Eye of the North expansion.

Box contents
EU box art
US box art

Box contents[edit]

  • Guild Wars Quick Reference Card
  • Guild Wars game DVD
  • NCSoft Catalogue 2008/2009
  • Guild Wars The Complete Collection Account creation tutorial
  • Guild Wars The Complete Collection Game Activation Card


  • It is worth noting that attempting to add a key to an existing account that already contains all of the expansions will not be possible. The key will refuse to work, and no bonuses will be added into the account in question contrary to other editions of the games (ex: Collector's Edition).
  • This edition starts an account with 8 character slots, but only adds 2 to accounts that already have one campaign. You'll need to create a new Guild Wars account (instead of adding it to your existing one) to get all 8 character slots.
  • Contains 4 Xunlai Storage Panes.
  • Includes M.O.X., a bonus PvE-only Hero along with related quest.
  • This edition includes the 1 Million Edition Upgrade, which is the Game of the Year Upgrade and Guild Wars 2008 Upgrade combined - the seven bonus weapons and the Igneous Summoning Stone.

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