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A bonus item is a special item or weapon that is included in special Guild Wars editions. These items almost always have a unique skin and are otherwise unavailable via the normal campaigns. To generate all of these items available on your account, type the special command, /bonus into the chat window while in an outpost or town. /bonusitems can be used to display a complete list of your available bonus items in the chat window.


  • Bonus items are always customized to the currently logged-on character; they can be used by that character or any of their heroes.
    • You can generate multiple copies of an item for one character by moving it to another character or to a hero and retyping the /bonus command.
    • If your inventory is full, some of the items will not appear.
    • The /bonus command will not generate a second copy if you already have a copy of an item customized to that character in that character's inventory, in storage or equipped on that character.
  • Most bonus items can be upgraded with a prefix or a suffix unless the item already has that type of upgrade.
  • Bonus items cannot be sold to a merchant nor traded.
Anomaly Anomaly.Items created through the use of the /bonus command are considered PvP items by Tolkano and can be changed accordingly.

List of bonus items[edit]

Pre-order items[edit]

Coke items[edit]

Other Korean promotional items[edit]

Game of the Year items / 1 Million Edition Upgrade items[edit]

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