Scorpion Bow

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Scorpion Bow
Scorpion Bow.jpg
Type Bow
Campaign(s) Prophecies
Damage type(s) Piercing damage
Bow type Flatbow
Value Can't be sold
Salvage Not salvageable
Inventory icon Scorpion Bow.png

The Scorpion Bow is one of the promotional Coke Items exclusive to the Korean version of Guild Wars. These could only be obtained in a promotional offer by Coca-Cola in exchange for points collected by purchasing Coke cans. Like pre-order items and Collector's Edition items they are automatically customized and cannot be traded or transferred between accounts in any way.


Piercing damage 15-28 (Requires 9 Marksmanship)
Lengthens poison duration on foes by 33%
Damage +15% (while Health is above 50%)


Coke items
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