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Non-unique weapons with inherent prefixes.

Entries are sorted by prefix. (Even if the prefix is not included in the article name, which is true for all promotional weapons.)

Example: The Bonecrusher is indexed at S, as it is called Sundering Bonecrusher

Non-unique weapons with inherent prefix (gallery)
Non-promotional Blade Axes Fiery Blade AxeIcy Blade Axe
Dragon Swords Fiery Dragon SwordIcy Dragon SwordVampiric Dragon Sword
Other Fiery Embersteel BladeFiery Gladius
Promotional Game of the Year Nevermore FlatbowRhino's ChargeSoul Shrieker
Factions Pre-order SpiritbinderDragon Fangs
Nightfall Pre-order SunspearSoulbreaker
Eye of the North Prerelease Darksteel LongbowGlacial BladeHourglass Staff
Coke items Death's HeadScorpion BowBonecrusher
Japanese Pre-Order Snake's EnvyBear's Sloth
Taiwanese Pre-Order Black Hawk's LustScorpion's LustRhino's Sloth