Canthan Targe

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Canthan Targe
Canthan Targe.jpg
Type Shield
Campaign(s) Core
Axe Mastery
Value Can't be sold
Salvage Not salvageable
Inventory icon Canthan Targe.png

The Canthan Targe is a shield given to those who pre-ordered Guild Wars Prophecies from Best Buy in North America. After the pre-order key has been added, all characters in that account start with a Canthan Targe. The Canthan Targe is always customized and cannot be traded or used except by the account with the pre-order key. The skin is unique. If an account with the Canthan Targe enabled deletes the shield, it can be recreated using /bonus. Additionally, this shield cannot be sold to a merchant or salvaged.


Armor: 14 (Requires 10 Tactics)
Health +30 (Requires 8 Strength)
Energy +2 (Requires 8 Swordsmanship)
Energy +2 (Requires 8 Axe Mastery)


This item cannot be dyed.

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