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A Xunlai Storage Pane is a tab for your Xunlai Storage. Each tab has 25 slots for items.

This item adds a single pane (25 slots) of storage to your in-game Xunlai storage chest. This pane is account-based and will be available to all characters on the same account.

Important - PLEASE READ
  • This item adds one (1) pane of storage to an account.
  • You may purchase a maximum of nine (9) panes of additional storage per account.
  • Please review the Storage FAQ for answers to common questions about this service.

— official website

Until April 5th 2007, there was only one storage tab available for the Vault box.

Until the April 23rd, 2009 update, the only way to gain additional storage panes was through buying all the campaigns, and the maximum number was four. The update introduced the possibility to buy storage panes in the In-Game Store or NCsoft Store, up to a maximum of eight, and one additional tab was also made available through a limited promotional offer. Since the April 22nd, 2015 (Tenth Year Anniversary Celebration) update, this extra tab can be acquired during anniversary celebrations.

Until the February 5th, 2019 update, each storage pane had only 20 slots, per tab.

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