Ruins of Surmia

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost, a primary quest, a Zaishen mission quest, a landmark, and a monument.
Ruins of Surmia
Ruins of Surmia map.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Ascalon
Type Cooperative
Party size 4
Duration Long
Preceded by Ruins of Surmia
Followed by Nolani Academy

The Charr have retreated, but some members of the Ascalon Army have been taken prisoner! Rescue the survivors.

Mission information[edit]


Any character can simply walk into the outpost from Eastern Frontier and start the mission.


Rescue the soldiers taken prisoner by the Charr.

  • Safeguard Prince Rurik's life.
  • Free all the Ascalon captives.
  • Get to the obelisks inside the ruined academy.
  • ADDED: Cross the ravine and open the drawbridge for Rurik and Erol. (Only appears in the Mission Objectives after it is completed.)
  • *BONUS* Follow the Flame Keepers [sic] at a distance to gain entrance to the Flame Temple. Extinguish the Flame Temple once inside.


Normal mode Rewards
Mission 1,000 XP 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Bonus 1,000 XP
Hard mode Rewards
Mission 2,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Bonus 2,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png


The goal of this mission is to rescue Ascalon captives while ensuring Rurik's survival (who only uses Defensive Stance). The Prince's scripted AI has two behaviors. He will run ahead to direct characters across the area. But also remain passive and follow the player once on course.

The mission has three stages: Before the drawbridge, opening it and the last stand with the obelisks:

The first part has many hidden devourers pop-ups. Take it slowly. Even if Prince Rurik rushes forwards, it is still possible to control the pace of the mission. Consider letting Rurik fight with little support when enemies are few and weak to give your party some time to regenerate health and energy (Rurik will continue ahead once the foes are defeated). Soon, you will rescue Erol (a cinematic will trigger) who joins your party and uses Flare. His survival is not required and is not involved in the bonus either.

During the second part, you are ordered to open the drawbridge while Rurik and Erol wait behind it. The lever for it is just on the opposite side of the tar river. To reach it, follow the tar river counter-clockwise, looping around beneath the drawbridge and north into an area crawling with Charr. Cross the wall as soon as possible and head south to the lever to allow Rurik and Erol to rejoin your party.

At the beginning of the third part, following Rurik north along the eastern edge will take your party to a Charr group with a boss. Be warned that Rurik will not take the straight path and will circle to the left and will likely aggro a group or two of Charr that you thought were safely away from the main path. Once Erol reaches the boss location a wave of four Charr will run at your group from the southwest. Defeating them will free three Mages. Once liberated, these NPCs will run toward the obelisks inside the ruined academy and attempt to fend off Charr parties while Rurik attempts to open the gate (talking to the Mages will let you hold them closer to you instead). The prince will use a skill called Knock which will only complete when the waves of Charr are defeated. The final cinematic will trigger once Knock is activated.

An alternative - and safer - approach for players who find the last two stages challenging consists of clearing all the Charr before letting Rurik and Erol through the drawbridge. Approach the end counter-clockwise, enter the ending area, then go back east to free the mages from behind. You can also go to the end normally, then kill groups of Charr visible from the ruins. These changes drastically reduce the risk of Rurik's death as he may rush towards the ruins full of Charr in the middle and commit suicide with over-aggro.

Bug Bug.Prince Rurik can sometimes get obstructed by a chest spawn or get stuck on the stairs before the tar area. If this happens, you'll have to restart the mission and try again.
Bug Bug.If you approach the imprisoned Mages before opening the drawbridge, sometimes one of them will run straight through the closed door and follow you around until he is killed or brought within range of an obelisk.
Bug Bug.Sometimes a charr can spawn underground near the imprisoned mages gate.


The bonus can be started by talking to Breena Stavinson (point 2 on the wiki map) who is captive and guarded by a Charr boss. She will inform you about the Flame Keeper Charrs's ritual which consist of transferring their Sacred Flame towards a Flame Temple nearby. The objective is to gain entrance past a locked gate (point 4) by following the Charr (without attacking them) and waiting for them to open it. Once the gate is open you can kill the Ember Bearers. Go extinguish the Flame Temple by killing the four Flame Keepers guarding the Cauldron of Cataclysm to complete the bonus (point 3). It is a lot faster to exit the back gate clockwise to meet up with the main path than it is to go all the way back and follow the non-bonus path counter-clockwise, past where Breena was.

Anomaly Anomaly.Note that the Quest Log indicates to "follow the Flame Keepers", but the name of the Charr the party must follow is "Ember Bearer".
Bug Bug.Sometimes Breena doesn't appear at point 2, possibly killed by the Charr boss near her. When this happens, you'll have to restart the mission and try again.
Bug Bug.The Flame that the Ember Bearers carry can get stuck on the wall of the tar pit or any minions, the Ember Bearers will carry on but when they get to the gate it doesn't open. However, if you pull them near The Flame and run off it will begin to follow them again.
Bug Bug.Sometimes the Ember Bearers will get caught at the gate they enter through and prevent the exit gate from being opened. The bonus is still completable as long as the entrance gate opens, but you will not be able to use the exit gate as a shortcut.

Hard mode[edit]

  • Be careful when facing Charr Elementalists, as their multiple Meteor Showers can easily cause a wipe.
  • Beware the Charr Mesmers who use Power Block which can shutdown your party's casters.
  • Be especially careful before letting Rurik into the ruins of Surmia after the drawbridge. Clearing out all Charr is highly advisable.

Skill recommendations[edit]

  • Bond skills (if possible on other than the healer) to ensure Prince Rurik's survival, especially when he rushes ahead of the party and aggros several foes.
  • Minions and/or binding rituals as meat shields to prevent Rurik taking all of the damage.











Initial dialogue[edit]

Prince Rurik: "Quickly! This way! Follow me. Our countrymen suffer while we dawdle."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

After fighting the first Charr group.

Prince Rurik: "As a boy I spent much time in these lands. Look at them now."
Prince Rurik: "Instead of ponds and streams we have pools of bubbling tar and rivers of sludge. It saddens me to see Ascalon in ruins."

After rescuing the first group of prisioners.

Prince Rurik: "These men can head back to the Wall by themselves. We must continue on and release the others. There is no time to lose."

After rescuing the second group of prisioners.

Prince Rurik: "These men can head back to the Wall by themselves."
Prince Rurik: "There are still others we must free before our mission is complete."
Prince Rurik: "Follow me."

Intermediate cinematic[edit]

Prince Rurik: "Gods! How long have you been out here, man?"
Erol: "I don't know. Since my unit was taken at the end of the last Guild War. Since the sky rained fire and destroyed Ascalon."
Prince Rurik: "You've been here since the Searing? That's over two years!"
Prince Rurik: "Are there others?"
Erol: "Yes. The remnants of my unit, the Flaming Scepter Mages."
Prince Rurik: "Soldiers who have been slaves since the end of the war?"
Erol: "They're being held in the ruins of the old capital, Drascir."
Prince Rurik: "Then we go to Drascir."
Erol: "My Lord, night is falling. If we don't head for the Wall now, we may all be captured."
Prince Rurik: "I understand the dangers, but Balthazar be damned if I allow those soldiers to remain slaves to the Charr."
Erol: "I can show you where they are being held."
Prince Rurik: "Very good."
Prince Rurik: "We head north then. To Drascir."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When reaching the drawbridge.

Prince Rurik: "The bridge is up, but it looks as if it can be lowered from the other side."
Prince Rurik: "I'll wait here with Erol."
Prince Rurik: "You find another way across and lower the bridge for us."

After rescuing Breena Stavinson.

Breena Stavinson: "Thank the gods you're here. I've watched this road for ten years."
Breena Stavinson: "The beasts come by around this time with a fresh brazier of fire to take to their temple."
Breena Stavinson: "Find the Charr Flame Corridor and the Flame Keepers."

After crossing the drawbridge.

Prince Rurik: "This is a fight we cannot win."
Prince Rurik: "We must avoid a confrontation with that group at all costs."
Prince Rurik: "Come with me. I grew up in this city, and I know a way around them."
Prince Rurik: "Our only chance is to run for the obelisks in the ruins of the Royal Academy."

After rescuing the Flame Scepter Mage and reaching the academy.

Prince Rurik: "Bring those men. I have a plan."
Prince Rurik: "As a boy, I studied at this academy. It's been some time, but if you can hold off the Charr I can activate the old runes and open a gate that could save our skins."
Prince Rurik: "Come to the fore, O sons of Ascalon."
Prince Rurik: "We fight once more, the battle lines are drawn."
Prince Rurik: "Now join the men who live to guard us all."
Prince Rurik: "Go and defend atop the Northern Wall."
Prince Rurik: "Fear not the cost, whether in blood or gold."
Prince Rurik: "Mourn not the lost, though they will not grow old."
Prince Rurik: "If here they fall, we know they shall live on,"
Prince Rurik: "When e'er you call or cry, For Ascalon!"
Prince Rurik: "For Ascalon!"

End cinematic[edit]

Prince Rurik: "Quickly, this way."
<Party leader>: "That was close!"
Prince Rurik: "Yes, closer than I'd hoped."
Prince Rurik: "This portal will take us to the Academy at Nolani."
Prince Rurik: "From there we can make it to the Wall and cross over to Rin."
Prince Rurik: "We should hurry though, the magical wards will hold back the Charr, but not for long."
Erol: "Wait, my lord. Come, look at what I have found."
Prince Rurik: "Is that...?"
Erol: "Yes, my prince. I believe it is the mouthpiece for the fabled horn, Stormcaller!"
Erol: "With this weapon we could destroy the Charr once and for all. Ascalon could be saved."
Prince Rurik: "I have heard the stories of the horn's magic, but let us not be too hasty."
Prince Rurik: "If this is what you say it is, then we must get it to Rin. We'll see for ourselves how much power this Stormcaller has."
Prince Rurik: "Come. We'll take this to my father, King Adelbern."
Prince Rurik: "Surely he will know if discovering this weapon is our salvation...or simply too late."
Prince Rurik: "Either way, staying here will surely be the death of us."
Prince Rurik: "Quickly, through the portal!"


  • The quest Cities of Ascalon requires playing through about two-thirds of this mission to reach the Historical Monument of Surmia.
  • Complete exploration of this mission contributes approximately 1.1% to the Tyrian Cartographer title. There are some hard to get areas in the northern tar pit that most players usually miss. They can be reached by following the bonus route and exploring after the Ember Bearers open the gate barring the way to the Flame Temple. Finally, explore the northwest part of the map from the outside of the fortress before opening the drawbridge.
  • After completing this mission, your party will appear in Nolani Academy.
  • It's possible that if you do not keep the Ember Bearers in sight on your compass, they will leave the Flame Brazier behind, causing it to get stuck, and the gate to not open. The only options here if you want the bonus is to glitch through the gate or restart.
  • If using a skill such as Cyclone Axe while fighting the ember bearers, you will probably notice an additional packet of 0 damage. This shows that the Flame is actually an untargetable invulnerable NPC.
  • If using Heroes, make sure you wait for any spirits summoned in the path of the Flame Bearers to expire before talking to Breena. If your spirits aggro the Flame Bearers, they will follow up to you.

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