Flame Temple

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Flame Temple
Flame Temple (Diessa Lowlands).jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Ascalon
Type Landmark
Flame Temple map.jpg
Map to the one in Flame Temple Corridor.
Cruc the Reborn map.jpg
Map to the possible one in the Diessa Lowlands.
Flame Temple Corridor.jpg
The Flame Temple

The Flame Temples are sacred structures to the Charr. Each temple contains raised platforms with inscribed circular runes which define and magically feed sacred fires. Around the ring are pillars of obsidian or sandstone, sculpted to depict the Charr's gods. The Sacred Flames are kept lit at these locations as a sign of respect to their gods.

Every once in a while, they bring a fresh brazier of fire to it. The temple is guarded by four Flame Keepers with the job to keep the Sacred Flame burning.

There are currently two canonically known Flame Temple locations:

  1. One Flame Temple is seen during the bonus objective in the Ruins of Surmia mission, where you must kill the Flame Keepers.
  2. One Flame Temple indicated by the various edifices and a Charr Altar while passing through the Flame Temple Corridor.


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