Ruins of Surmia (quest)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a primary quest. This name is also used for a mission, an outpost, a Zaishen mission quest, a landmark, and a monument.
Ruins of Surmia
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Warmaster Riga
in Frontier Gate
Preceded by Fort Ranik
Followed by Ruins of Surmia
Type Primary quest
Ruins of Surmia (quest) map.jpg
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This quest quickly takes you to the outpost the quest is named for.

Quest information[edit]





This quest will lead you to the next mission following Fort Ranik. After accepting the quest from Warmaster Riga at the Frontier Gate, head out into the Eastern Frontier and proceed north up the road. There is a sizable force of Grawl shortly up the road, as well as several smaller groups further up ahead. You may either fight them or run past. Follow the road until you reach Surmia. Speak to Captain Miken to accept the quest reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Warmaster Riga
"You're another one of those Vanguard soldiers looking for Prince Rurik, aren't you? He didn't wait for you, but I think you still have a chance to catch up to him. The prince headed north to pursue the fleeing Charr into the ruins of Surmia. Follow the road from the Frontier Gate to Surmia to rejoin the prince and rescue those carried off by the Charr. I directed Captain Miken up that way not too long ago. He might be able to direct you further."
Yes Accept: "I'm on my way."
No Decline: "I'll find the prince without your help!"
Ask Ask: "I admire Prince Rurik's courage, but chasing the Charr north of the Wall is a fool's errand, if you ask me. Not that you did ask me... If you want to find the prince, follow the road from the Frontier Gate to Surmia. Once there, check with Captain Miken for the prince's exact whereabouts."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Captain Miken
"You've arrived just in time. The prince has already begun scouting the path, and from what I can see, he is prepared to pursue the Charr on his own if need be. He asked that I remain in this area and direct everyone I can find to join him, and I am doing my best to carry out his orders.
Please gather a force as quickly as you can and see if you can catch up with Prince Rurik before he tries to face the Charr army on his own!"


Anomaly Anomaly.Even though this quest is part of the main quest chain, it's shown under the Ascalon Quests tab, not under Primary Quests tab.