Ascalon Prisoner

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Ascalon Prisoner
Ascalon prisoner m.jpgFlaming Scepter Mage.jpg
Affiliation Ascalon Army
Type Human
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Level(s) 7 (20)
Campaign Prophecies

The Ascalon Prisoners are soldiers of the Ascalon Army who were captured during the searing. Since then they have been captured and held as prisoner by the Charr. Rescuing them is a key part of the Ruins of Surmia mission. They also feature in the Nolani Academy mission where they assist in saving Rin.




Nolani Academy[edit]

If the Ascalon Prisoner is not already following:

"<Character name>, I'll follow you. Take me to an OBELISK."

If the Ascalon Prisoner is already following:

"I'll wait here until you're ready."

Ruins of Surmia[edit]

"I think they were going to eat us."
"I'm just glad we can put this all behind us."
"No sir, I didn't like being a prisoner."
"Oh the horror. It was awful. Awful.
"So...uh...thanks and all, but I'll be heading back now."
"The Charr meant to roast us alive, they did."
"We were to be sacrificed to their gods."
"We're free. Praise Dwayna!"
"What took you so long?"


  • It is believed that some, if not all, of these prisoners belong to the Flaming Scepter guild.
  • The models in Ruins of Surmia and Nolani Academy are different; however, all have Elementalist clothing.
  • In the Nolani Academy mission, the Ascalon Prisoners have the same skills as the Flaming Scepter Mages and also use the same dialogue if you save them.