Shining Blade Scout

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Shining Blade Scout
Shining Blade ranger.jpg
Affiliation Shining Blade
Type Human
Profession Ranger Ranger
Level(s) 15 (20)
Campaign Prophecies

Shining Blade Scouts are the scouts chased through the jungle during The Wilds mission. They are also to be found in Dakutu Village, the secret Shining Blade base in Talmark Wilderness.





The Wilds
"Follow me. Hurry, before the White Mantle patrol escapes the forest."
"Quickly! To the camps! The Shining blade[sic] must be warned!!"
Dakutu Village
"Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names."
"How long before our enemies find us here? Have we been saved from the pot only to be thrown into the fire?"
"If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure."
"In the wake of the White Mantle, my home, Kryta, is wrecked by civil war."
"Our blades shall burn so bright they will blind the gods on the day we defeat the White Mantle!"
"Stop and close your eyes, listen to the wind, feel the majesty of this forest.... The power of nature cannot be overcome by the White Mantle. That is why we'll defeat them. They do not respect powers that they do not understand."
"The White Mantle are the scourge of Tyria."
"These White Mantle characters are nothing but usurpers. The Royal Family of Kryta are the rightful rulers here."
"This place seems safe enough, but I wonder..."
"We should have known the White Mantle were not what they seemed to be."
"Why hello there! Nice to see a friendly face."


  • They have a passive speed boost.
  • They can be killed by making good use of speed boosts and Shadow Step.
  • In Dakutu Village, they rappel down from trees.