The Price of Steel

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The Price of Steel
Section Maguuma Jungle Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Alari Doubleblade
in Silverwood
(Maguuma Jungle)
Type Secondary quest
Alari Doubleblade map.jpg
Location of Alari Doubleblade
The Price of Steel map.jpg
Location of White Mantle patrol
Price of Steel map2.jpg
Alternate access to White Mantle

There is a patrol of lost White Mantle wandering around that needs eliminating. The Shining Blade could also use whatever recources they can salvage off them.

Quest information[edit]




From Quarrel Falls, travel north to find Alari Doubleblade (see first map) and obtain the quest. Once you have the quest map travel back to Quarrel Falls and talk to Gareth. It is suggested that first-time players not do this until you complete Bloodstone Fen, otherwise the actions you need to undertake in the quest will confuse you. Completing Bloodstone Fen will also put you right in Quarrel Falls.

Go outside and meet up with the Shining Blade Scout and two Shining Blade Rangers. They will head off to the north (see second map) for you to follow. They will aggro everything in their path and can die easily, but don't need to be kept alive for quest completion. Alternatively, you can head out of Bloodstone Fen (see third map). Kill the patrol, and pick up the Ruined Armors they drop. Map travel back to Quarrel Falls for your reward.



Humans (Shining Blade)


Humans (White Mantle)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Alari Doubleblade
"I have learned recently that a White Mantle patrol entered the forest and has become lost. They were last spotted somewhere in Silverwood. Report to Gareth Quickblade in Quarrel Falls and let him know that there are White Mantle in the woods.
Well, what are you waiting for?"
Yes Accept: "I'll report to Gareth immediately."
No Decline: "You could be a little more civil."
Ask Ask: "Let Gareth Quickblade in Quarrel Falls know that a White Mantle patrol has gotten lost in Silverwood."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Gareth Quickblade
"The White Mantle think they can send patrols into our forests and not pay the price? They'll soon learn the cost of crossing the Shining Blade! I'll have several scouts meet you in Silverwood. They'll lead you to this White Mantle patrol. Wipe out the patrol and bring me their armor when you are done. We should be able to salvage some useable steel from them."

Shining Blade Scout: "Follow me. Hurry, before the White Mantle patrol escapes the forest."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Gareth Quickblade
"Well done. Not only have we destroyed one of their patrols, but this armor should salvage into enough steel to equip many of our scouts."


  • You can skip speaking to Gareth Quickblade by simply rezoning into Silverwood and killing the White Mantle patrol.
  • You can skip speaking to the Shining Blade Scouts by map traveling to Bloodstone Fen, then zoning into Silverwood, taking a left, killing the patrol.