The Elementalist's Path

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The Elementalist's Path
Section Crystal Desert Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Cembrien
in Heroes' Audience
(Crystal Desert)
Preceded by Augury Rock
Type Secondary quest
The Elementalist's Path map.jpg
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Upon completion of this quest, you'll be allowed to change your secondary profession to Elementalist.

Quest information[edit]




  • 1,000 Experience
  • Elementalist available as a secondary profession.


If you are a ranged character of some sort, this quest is easy. Go west from Augury Rock to the teleporter near the Kree Minotaur. If you attack the Kree Minotaur from the raised area, it will not be able to reach you. Melee characters will have to make a small detour to the north to get to the lower area that the Kree Minotaur patrols. Be sure to pick up the Kree Minotaur Hide before you map travel back to Heroes' Audience to get the reward.






Initial dialogue[edit]

"Others may be devoted to a single god, but the Elementalist seeks knowledge from any source. This is why we hold the power over all the elements. Knowledge, you see, is power.
The desert holds many secrets for those who would uncover them. Are you such a seeker of knowledge? Then let your journey begin in Prophet's Path. Long ago, those lands were ruled by the Sorcerer Lord Kree, who controlled an army of beasts, their flesh inscribed with runes of power that only he understood. Even today, among the progeny of his ancient army are sometimes born those bearing the mark of Kree. Bring me the hide of one such kree minotaur and your quest for knowledge will truly begin."
Yes Accept: "I will do what I must."
No Decline: "I'm smart enough as is."
Ask Ask: "You will most likely find a kree minotaur in Prophet's Path. Kill the beast and bring me its hide."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Yes, that is it! The pattern is faint and incomplete, but someday...someday I shall gather the whole pattern and unlock the secrets of the Sorcerer lords of old.
Do you understand now? Power can be gained only through the pursuit of knowledge. If you are beginning to understand this in the least, perhaps you have a chance to become an Elementalist."


Bug Bug.The Quest Log will update as soon as the Kree Minotaur is dead, but the dropped Kree Minotaur Hide is required for the reward.
Bug Bug.The quest will not be marked as completed after obtaining the Kree Minotaur Hide.