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Type Teleporter
Campaign Core

A teleporter is a device which allows characters to teleport from one location to another location in the same zone. There are both one-way and two-way teleporters. The exit of a one-way teleporter appears as a glowing ring of symbols, with a cloud of sparkles in the center and a ring of sparkles over the symbols. Generally, active teleporter entrances and the ends of two-way teleporters generally look like teleporter exits, but have several glowing rings floating up and down over them. Teleporters in Kaineng City look like glowing orbs. Stepping onto a teleporter will teleport the character and their heroes, as well as any henchmen. Teleporters in the Dajkah Inlet mission teleport the entire party.

Crystal Desert[edit]

While exploring the Crystal Desert, you will eventually come across teleporters, which are sometimes your only means of getting to various areas of the desert that are otherwise unreachable. Fortunately, using the teleporters is a simple matter: when approaching the teleporter, note the series of switches in front of the teleporter pad. These must be activated in the correct order in order to turn on each teleport. The sequence is random for each device and changes each time you enter the desert region.

To determine the correct order, stand on the de-activated teleporter pad and face the switches (walking backwards onto the pad helps as does using a zoomed-out view). The switches will light up one-at-a-time; remember that sequence and activate the switches in the same order. Obviously, you only need to remember the first 3 switches, since the fourth will be the only switch left off. Alternatively, you can systematically try all 24 possible sequences.

If any other character steps onto the pad or touches a switch, you will need to restart — it helps to flag heroes and henchmen out of the way before beginning.

Areas with teleporters[edit]

One-way Two-way Two-way
activated by switches
All Alliance Battles maps

Guild halls


Guild halls

All Crystal Desert explorable areas


  • Henchmen and heroes will follow your character across the teleport, even if they have died (which allows you to resurrect them while out of danger).
  • The following will not change locations after entering a teleporter: enemy NPCs, miniatures, summoning stone allies (which prevents the party from using another summoning stone until the summoning stone allies die), and summoned creatures (excluding minions).
  • You cannot escape non-projectile, ranged skills by teleporting (or any other in-game action).
  • Activate both sides of the teleporters in the Crystal Desert, so that you have an escape route.
  • Keep in mind that the destination might not yet be cleared of hostile mobs.
  • Some objects which look like a teleporter in fact do not perform teleportation and are merely a decoration, others can be used only by NPCs. In particular, teleporters in Gyala Hatchery mission are used only by the groups of Kurzicks; two portal circles in Grand Court of Sebelkeh outpost do not work at all, and to get to Sebelkeh Basilica, players should talk to Head Priest Vahmani who starts the mission.

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