The Hero's Challenge

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The Hero's Challenge
Section Southern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Vanyi
in Droknar's Forge
(Southern Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by Augury Rock
Type Secondary quest
Sanyi map.jpg
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The Hero's Challenge is the second attribute quest in Prophecies.

Quest information[edit]





Enter the Frozen Forest either from Iron Mines of Moladune or Copperhammer Mines and meet Sanyi who will be standing in front of Cooperhammer Mines outpost. Follow her while killing Mragga Spawns and finally defeat her. Return to Vanyi.






Initial dialogue[edit]

Your aura is radiant. Aided by the spirits of the desert, you can learn any profession, master any skill, but there yet remain untapped reserves of power within you.
Take my advice, <Character name>, go to the Frozen Forest from the Iron Mines of Moladune, and seek out my sister Sanyi. She will help you unleash this hidden power.
Yes Accept: "I will find your sister."
No Decline: "I am powerful enough."
Ask Ask: "I hope you appreciate the insights I have shared with you. If you would further improve your attributes, seek out my sister Sanyi. You will find her in the Frozen Forest, very near the Iron Mines of Moladune. She will show you what power you hold inside."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Upon reaching Sanyi:

Sanyi: "Vanyi always chooses such curious disciples. Let's see if you are as powerful as she thinks. Follow me!"

While walking to destination:

Sanyi: "Come on now, I'll walk slowly for you."
Sanyi: "The creatures here know better than to harm me, but you may have to fight."
Sanyi: "Come now. Try and keep up."
Sanyi: "If you would kill the enemy more quickly, I would not be forced to wait for you."
Sanyi: "Hurry. Come this way."
Sanyi: "Don't give up now. We're getting close."

Upon arrival:

Sanyi: "I hope that was not too difficult."
Sanyi: "I know it must seem odd that I would lead you through so much danger, but I had to see your power for myself."
Sanyi: "I have lived in these mountains many, many years. Survived dangers you can scarcely imagine."
Sanyi: "To do this, I have relied on surrounding myself with powerful people."
Sanyi: "Gather round [sic] and we shall share in each other's strength..."
"...after I swallow your soul!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Stay your hand, <Character name>! Allow me to explain: My father was the famed Agostin of Ascalon's Chosen. Many years ago, he brought us to the mountains to leave behind the strife of guild warfare. But one day we were set upon by that demon, Mragga. It consumed my father and cast a spell on me, binding me to its will. For most of my life, I have been its prisoner, forced to lead the unsuspecting to their doom.
It always wanted me to seek out the most powerful, for it drew its strength from those it absorbed. But you are a true hero... You were too powerful for the demon, and now I am free. I shall forever be in your debt.


  • Despite the quest objective, it is possible to complete the quest by starting from Copperhammer Mines, which is closer to Sanyi.
  • It is not necessary to change secondary profession as long as any of the "<Profession>'s Path" quests have been completed. Alternatively, if the secondary profession was changed via a profession changer, it must be changed back to the profession used when ascending via the Skills and Attributes Panel and then one more time back to the newly acquired secondary profession.
Bug Bug.Sometimes Sanyi will get stuck behind the tree stump right before the Stone Summit after crossing the bridge. Talk to her and she will move.