Grenth's Balance

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Grenth's Balance

  • 10 Energy
  • 0.25¼ Activation
  • 10 Recharge
Elite spell
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Elite Spell. If target foe has more Health than you, you gain half the difference (up to your maximum Health), and that foe loses an equal amount. If this foe has less Health than you, you lose half the difference, and that foe gains an equal amount.

Concise description

Elite Spell. You gain Health equal to half the difference between you and target, and this foe loses an equal amount. If this foe has less Health than you, you lose Health equal to half the difference.


Signet of Capture


  • Grenth's Balance is most effective when:
    • The target has as much health as possible and
    • The caster has a high maximum health, but is left with very little actual health.
  • Effects that cause spell casting to inflict health loss or gain (e.g. Backfire, Vigorous Spirit) trigger before this skill checks the caster's health.
    • If that effect brings the caster's health to zero, then Grenth's Balance still causes the target to lose health, but the caster dies before he or she can gain any health.
  • The AI uses Grenth's Balance properly, prioritizing high health targets.
Anomaly Anomaly.The concise description omits the fact that your health gain (and your target's health loss) is capped by your maximum health.


  • This skill was named "Charon's Balance" during the beta (source). Charon refers to the ferryman of the dead in Greek mythology.