The Path to Revelations

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The Path to Revelations
Section Tarnished Coast Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Kerrsh
in Tarnished Haven
(Tarnished Coast)
Preceded by The Cipher of Kormir
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)
The Path to Revelations map.jpg
Route from Olafstead.
The Path to Revelations alternate map.jpg
Alternate route from Olafstead.
The Path to Revelations map 2.jpg
Path from Central Transfer Chamber

Now at the end of your trail, reap the mysterious reward of your work.

Quest information[edit]




In eastern Varajar Fells where Nifling the Chained usually is, Kerrsh will be waiting for you. Upon approaching, the crater will spawn the various facets faced in the preceeding quests one after the other. Defeat them all to complete the quest.







Initial dialogue[edit]


"The time has come, <Player name>. I have deciphered the message hidden within the magical signatures. They are coordinates pointing to a location in Varajar Fells. You have been useful thus far, for a human. I do not know what we will face there. Go to where the message instructs. The answers will be waiting there. And so shall I."
Yes Accept: "The truth is out there."
No Decline: "I don't want to believe."
Ask Ask: "Travel to Varajar Fells. I will meet you there."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Reaching the designated point.

Kerrsh: "Undoubtedly, this is the place to which the coordinates point. The six shall converge here."

Killing the first two facets.

Kerrsh: "They do not divulge their secrets easily."

Killing the next two facets.

Kerrsh: "This is the Eternal Alchemy at work. Even your human gods cannot stand against its inevitability!"

Killing the last two facets.

Kerrsh: "At long last!"
Ephemeral Spirit: "Vm'Jqqteomn dj'dpjat ipj'attw"
Ephemeral Spirit: "Rthjms'dpt xoada'rthjms dpt'setvxa"
Ephemeral Spirit: "Jm'soadvmd apjeta'jq v'yvms bmivwomn"
Ephemeral Spirit: "Vmaitea'dptet yot'om ivodomn"
Kerrsh: "Wait! You lead me this far only to tantalize me with further mysteries? Know this: if it takes until the sun sets on the final day of creation...until the wheels of the Eternal Alchemy seize up and tear apart the fabric of the universe...I shall decipher your secrets!"

Reward dialogue[edit]


"Where I have sought answers, I have found only questions. There is meaning behind these words. I have memorized all that was said and will ponder it. I will not forget the assistance you have provided, <Player name>. Perhaps when I find my answers, I will see you once the end of the path."


  • This quest is useful for farming Norn title points.
    • Under the Norn Hunting Party blessing, each Facet counts for 50 points.
    • Under the maximum hunt rank (after 250 kills), you can receive 1.8k (300/boss in normal mode) or 2.7k (450/boss in hard mode).
    • You can improve this further by waiting until you are under the effects of a Boss Bounty


  • The gods' message to the Asura is a cryptogram, and can be solved with a substitution cipher, the specifics of which can be found here. The message reads:
"An offering to those who seek"
"Beyond the mists beyond the dreams"
"On distant shores of a land unwaking"
"Answers there lie in waiting"
  • The same substitution cipher is used in Guild Wars 2, in the Varajar Fells Notebook.
  • The Accept and Decline lines are quotes from the two famous phrases in X-Files, the Decline changed from "I want to believe"

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