Nifling the Chained

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Nifling the Chained
Zombie monk.jpg
Affiliation Undead
Type Zombie (boss)
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 28 (30)
Campaign Eye of the North
Nifling the Chained map.jpg
Location in Varajar Fells
The Path to Revelations map.jpg
Alternative route from Olafstead
The Path to Revelations map 2.jpg
Alternative route from Central Transfer Chamber
Nifling the Chained is an undead boss that appears in Varajar Fells.



16 Smiting Prayers

Items dropped[edit]


  • This boss is part of a large group of Skeletons, who appear friendly at first and are in turn surrounded by hostile Crypt Slashers. However, if you approach too closely, they all turn hostile. It is possible to pull them as separate mobs. Nifling himself is not part of any mob.


  • Unlike the other bosses in Varajar Fells, it does not have an elite skill.