Facet of Existence

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Facet of Existence
Facet of Existence.jpg
Affiliation Dwayna
Type Facet (boss)
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 28 (30)
Campaign Eye of the North
Image-Facet of Existence map1.jpg
Spawn location 1
Image-Facet of Existance map2.jpg
Spawn location 2
Facet of Existance map1.jpg
Spawn location 4

The Facet of Existence is a facet of Dwayna.




  • The Facet of Existence has a random spawn location in Riven Earth. Known spawn locations:
    1. Northwest of the Golem Foundry.
    2. Directly east from Rata Sum, before the second resurrection shrine.
    3. Up the hill slightly southwest of the center resurrection shrine.
    4. Northeast of center, northeast of the short bridge north of center, between the northern and northeastern resurrection shrines (see map).
    5. Southeast corner, in the raised area overlooking the waterfall from the north.
  • As the first spawn point is so close to Rata Sum, it may be worth reloading the map until you get this spawn. It can be reached without combat.