The Cipher of Dwayna

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The Cipher of Dwayna
Section Tarnished Coast Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Kerrsh
in Tarnished Haven
(Tarnished Coast)
Preceded by The Cipher of Melandru
Followed by The Cipher of Kormir
Type Secondary quest
The Cipher of Dwayna map.jpg
Spawn location 1
The Cipher of Dwayna map 2.png
Spawn location 2
The Cipher of Dwayna map 3.png
Spawn location 3

Help Kerrsh research the human gods.

Quest information[edit]


  • Use the Divination to locate the Facet of Existence.
  • You are currently carrying the Divination.
  • Defeat the Facet of Existence to obtain its cipher.
  • See Kerrsh for your reward.



  • It is possible to complete this quest with little effort - keep zoning into Riven Earth from Rata Sum until the bar is over a 1/3 full but a bit less than 1/2 full (it will be blue) - then head northeast until you reach the first mentioned spot below.

Each time you enter Riven Earth while this quest is active, the spawning location will be reset to one of the following randomly chosen locations:

  • Northwest corner of the zone. Slightly northwest of the G.O.L.E.M. mission location, among the trees south of the river. This location can be identified through rezoning (see the first wiki-map)
  • Northeast corner of the zone. Just southwest of the Arbor Bay zone gate, on the northern bank of the river, near the bridge by the waterfall.
  • Northern, middle of the zone. From the Destroyer hive at the end of G.O.L.E.M., head east past the shrine.
  • Center of the zone, south of the river. This location can only be described as being at a point almost due north of the zone gate to Alcazia Tangle, but slightly southwest of a shrine. Joffs the Mitigator is located nearby.

Divination refers to the bar labeled "Proximity to Target" which fills as you approach the Facet's location. Once you find a location where the proximity bar is filled, wait and look around to see a circle of light, signaling the Facet is coming out of hiding. Defeat the Facet to complete the quest.






Initial dialogue[edit]


"Things are going well as I have foreseen. The ciphers you gathered are of tremendous use, but others remain. The Facet of Existence, a representation of Dwanya's [sic] power, has manifested itself within Riven Earth. You will need the Divination to find it.
What's that you ask? How does the Divination work? It's nothing elaborate. It interprets the frequencies inherent in divine energies, and...why am I explaining this to you? Just get the cipher, please."
Yes Accept: "By your command."
No Decline: "But I want to know how it works!"
Ask Ask: "Use the Divination. It will lead you to the Facet of Existence. It has manifested somewhere within Riven Earth."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"This is good, <character name>, very good. It's fascinating. Do you see? Look how there are breaks in the signature. They are not the same amongst the different ciphers. I need more to work with, but we are getting closer. Allow me to give you this for your continued services."


  • If you have completed G.O.L.E.M. Sokka at the nearby resurrection shrine will give you an Asuran Beacon to summon a golem ally.