The Cipher of Melandru

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The Cipher of Melandru
Section Tarnished Coast Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Kerrsh
in Tarnished Haven
(Tarnished Coast)
Followed by The Cipher of Balthazar
The Cipher of Dwayna
The Cipher of Grenth
The Cipher of Lyssa
Type Secondary quest
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Help Kerrsh research the human gods.

Quest information[edit]




Each time you enter Alcazia Tangle while this quest is active, the spawning location will be reset to one of the following randomly chosen locations:

  • From the Riven Earth zone gate entering with the Cipher filled at 75% indicates the position is to the South of the zone gate, right below the bluff in a clearing free of any mobs. Clear the area around the bluff of an Angorodon patrol if you wish, although this is not necessary (a Redhand Simian group will be to the east of your position on the bluff). This is the easiest of the locations.
  • Northeast corner of the zone. West of the zone gate to Arbor Bay, past the river.
    • This is identifiable by the bar starting to fill just down the hill north of the first simian group.
  • Northwest corner of the zone. Just northeast of the zone gate to Magus Stones.
    • If you want to take this one go into the zone gate to Riven Earth.Once you went through the zone gate, go back to Alcazia Tangle. Check the divination. If it is filled 25% immediately after gating the Cipher will be nearby east of your position. If it it isn't go back to Riven Earth and repeat this. This way it will be a lot easier.
  • Southwest, slightly southwest of a Ceratadon patrol.
  • South/South-West, on an open field near a Resurrection Shrine.

Divination refers to the bar labeled "Proximity to Target" which fills as you approach the Facet's location. Initially the bar fills as blue, even though your character is moving towards the target - an increasing, blue bar means your character is going in the right direction. At 50% proximity to target the bar turns red. Once you find a location where the proximity bar is filled, wait and look around to see a circle of light, signaling the Facet is coming out of hiding. Defeat the Facet to complete the quest.



Initial dialogue[edit]


"It's about time you arrived. I've been waiting an eternity! I have studied the beings you humans call gods. Your stories speak of extremely powerful, almost omnipotent beings who each specialize in one area of superiority. How can beings be all-powerful and yet have more power than other all-powerful beings in one particular "facet" of their manifestations? It made no sense to me. I decided to explore the various facets of your so-called deities. In fact, I have been tracking one such manifestation in the Alcazia Tangle.
Here, take this device. It is called the Divination. You can use it to find the source of this manifestation, called the Facet of Creation.
The Divination will turn red as you approach the source, and will transition to blue as you travel farther away. Even a human should have no trouble using it. Destroy the Facet. The Divination will make an impression of the signature from the energy released. Return to me when you are finished. Understand?"
Yes Accept: "Not really, but I know how to kill things and take their stuff."
No Decline: "This idiot doesn't feel like it."
Ask Ask: "The Facet of Creation is somewhere in the Alcazia Tangle. Use the Divination to find its location."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"Yes...this is what I imagined. I believe my hypothesis is correct. This facet is tied to your god, Melandru. There is something concealed in the signature...a cipher of some sort. I will need all six to discern the meaning. And for that, I will need your continued assistance. You will, however, be rewarded for your efforts."


  • Turning off the mission progress bar in the interface menu will hide the Divination bar.
  • Facets generally appear near shrines. Always make sure to look around nearby shrines after setting them as your resurrection point.
  • This quest has good synergy with the quest Turning the Page. Start from Rata Sum, taking the southern exit into Magus Stones. Select the Turning the Page quest and follow the quest marker south to the exit into Alcazia Tangle. Zone in and out of Alcazia Tangle, until the Divination bar is filled about 10-15%. Walk south following the quest marker again. Defeat the White mantle and take the tome out of the chest, then walk further south (and defeating, or skipping Pywatt the Swift) until the divination bar is full. Defeat the Cipher of Melandru, and zone to Tarnished Haven. Exit Tarnished Haven to get the quest reward for Turning the Page.
Bug Bug.Some characters who have never been to Tarnished Haven have this quest in their logs, but the reason is currently unknown.