Turning the Page

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Turning the Page
Section Tarnished Coast Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Justiciar Naveed
in Alcazia Tangle
(Tarnished Coast)
Followed by The Asura Trap
Type Secondary quest
Turning the Page map.png
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Help an ex-White Mantle Justicar recover a magical tome.

Quest information[edit]




Find Justiciar Naveed outside of Tarnished Haven. Travel to the west side of Alcazia Tangle near the exit to Magus Stones and defeat the group of White Mantle there. Pick up the Grimoire Arcanum and return it to Justiciar Naveed. To save time, once you have acquired the Grimoire Arcanum you can map back to Tarnished Haven and go to Justiciar Naveed from there.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Justiciar Naveed

"Here's how it is: you know about the Unseen Ones? That's what the White Mantle called the Mursaat. We thought them gods. I think they thought themselves divine as well, until the Titans nearly wiped them out."
"One of the few survivors, Lazarus the Dire, cursed me. So I ran, and am trying to remove that curse, using a book called the Grimoire Arcanum. The search brought me here, but I was too late. One of my former brothers in the White Mantle got here first and snatched the book."
"If I don't get that book back, I'm doomed! What say, will you help a brother who is trying to get back on the side of righteousness?"
Yes Accept: "The path to righteousness is this way."
No Decline: "That's what you get for playing with Mursaat."
Ask Ask: "The White Mantle who took the Grimoire Arcanum can't have gotten far. You can probably overtake them here in Alcazia Tangle, before they meet up with their main force."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Justiciar Naveed: "Here. Let me see your map. I will mark where they were headed. Now hurry. Help me!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Justiciar Naveed

"This is it! I only hope the magic contained within can provide a cure. It's no simple curse I am under, friend. Lazarus the Dire hid from the Titans by breaking himself into aspects and infusing them into me and my friends. We thought it was a gift of power, but we were merely used to insure the survival of Lazarus. Now that someone has dealt with the Titans, Lazarus has begun restoring itself. Reclaiming those aspects...unfortunately...claims the life of the host. I am the last, and that is a fate I am not eager to share."


  • A far easier route, than fighting through Alcazia Tangle to reach the West side, would be to travel South from Rata Sum through Magus Stones and then head through the portal into Alcazia Tangle. The White Mantle are just South of the portal.
  • Using the Chest (under the quest marker) after killing the White Mantle will acquire the Grimoire Arcanum.
  • Justiciar Naveed will not accept the Grimoire Arcanum if you get it on one character and try to turn it in on another character, who has not completed the first objective (which is similar to Temple of the Damned and its quest item).