The Asura Trap

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The Asura Trap
Section Tarnished Coast Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Justiciar Naveed
in Alcazia Tangle
(Tarnished Coast)
Preceded by Turning the Page
Followed by Insidious Remnants
Type Secondary quest
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Help Justiciar Naveed enlist Glayvin's help in understanding the Grimoire Arcanum.

Quest information[edit]


  • Meet Justiciar Naveed in Riven Earth.
  • Escort Justiciar Naveed to the meeting place.
  • Leave the Grimoire at the meeting place as bait.
  • Take cover until Glayvin gets caught.
  • See Justiciar Naveed for your reward.



Travel from Rata Sum through Riven Earth towards Justiciar Naveed (Marked 1 on the map), who is near the exit to Alcazia Tangle in the south. Clear the path of Raptors and Angorodons along the way. Once you meet him, backtrack the way you came and head to the meeting place (Marked 2 on the map) from just outside Rata Sum. Justiciar Naveed leaves the Grimoire as bait, follow him to the hiding place. Once Glayvin agrees to help, accept your reward from Justiciar Neveed.

Do not attempt to pick up the Grimoire, as doing so causes the quest to fail.



White Mantle



Initial dialogue[edit]

Justiciar Naveed

"It is good to see you are well. I wish I could say the same for myself. The knowledge behind this "grimoire" is beyond my comprehension. There is hope, however.
There is a particularly brilliant Asura named Glayvin, who has been seen wandering nearby. I've had trouble getting Asura to talk to me, before, but I've got a plan to convince Glayvin to help. Meet me in Riven Earth when you've piqued his curiosity."
Yes Accept: "I'll lure that Asura in."
No Decline: "This sounds a bit like coercion. I'll pass."
Ask Ask: "Come on! Glayvin was last seen around Riven Earth."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Justiciar Naveed: "If the only thing a genius values is knowledge, then that's what we'll give him. I'll carry the Grimoire."
Justiciar Naveed: "We'll go to where he was last seen. When we get there, I'll find a spot to set a trap... I mean, find a meeting place."
Justiciar Naveed: "Then, I'll drop the book in the middle of the... meeting spot. I'm certain when that Asura comes along he'll take the bait. Offering! He'll take the offering!"
Justiciar Naveed: "Then I'll offer an exchange; he can keep the book in return for helping me. Not bad, eh? Let's go!"
Justiciar Naveed: "The trap is set! We need to hide. Follow me!"
Glayvin: " an interesting pattern in the ether weave. If it were shifted, like this..."
Glayvin: "Hello, what do we have here? What's that you say, little book? you're homeless? Can knowledge even be knowledge if it has no thoughts to exist in?"
Glayvin: "I'll just be taking you along with me... Wait, what's this? How curious! I seem to be immobilized! Some sort of diabolically clever ensnarement device!"
Justiciar Naveed: "You are the one called Glayvin, correct?"
Glayvin: "And you must be the most obnoxious of all the voices in my head. What do you want?"
Justiciar Naveed: "Something that I think will interest you. I'll let you keep that book in exchange for your services. Show off your superior abilities for me. "
Glayvin: "It is true, I am superior. I can see patterns that others miss. What would you have me do?"
Justiciar Naveed: "You must remove my curse, the likes of which has never been seen. Only you possess the talent required."
Glayvin: "A challenge then? Oh, it excites me. Very well. I accept your offer."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Justiciar Naveed

"I thank you again for your help. Please leave me with Glayvin for now. I expect that his analysis will not come quickly...or pleasantly... at least for me. Next time I see you I'll bear better news"