Insidious Remnants

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Insidious Remnants
Section Tarnished Coast Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Justiciar Naveed
in Alcazia Tangle
(Tarnished Coast)
Preceded by The Asura Trap
Followed by Moths to a Flame
Type Secondary quest
Insidious Remnants map.jpg
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Assist Glayvin in his attempt to get rid of the Aspect of Lazarus trapped in Justiciar Naveed.

Quest information[edit]




Talk to Justiciar Naveed and you will be taken into the Insidious Remnants zone, a quest-specific version of Tarnished Haven. After some dialogue, you will fight the Aspect of Lazarus, a level 28 Elementalist boss.









Initial dialogue[edit]

Justiciar Naveed

"<Player name>! It is fitting you should be here to witness this. Glayvin has finally figured out how to remove that accursed aspect of the Unseen One from me. He's almost ready to begin the ritual. You know, I wouldn't have made it this far if not for you. Won't you stay and see this through?"
Yes Accept: "I've come this far. I might as well stay until the end."
No Decline: "Sorry. I've spent too much time on this little project already."
Ask Ask: "It's almost time! The ritual will begin soon."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Glayvin: "Concentrate. Concentrate. This requires my full attention. Quiet. Quiet, all you voices! Look for that patterns. I must focus..."
Justiciar Naveed: "Ah...I feel something.... Something is changing..."
Justiciar Naveed: "Wait...this....this doesn't feel...right..."
Glayvin: "The aspect! The aspect manifests! And it is angry! You must quell its rage! Quickly, before all is lost."
Glayvin: "Incomprehensible... The aspect cannot be removed? Cannot, cannot.... But we have changed it, somehow. Its pattern is different. I must examine this further..."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Justiciar Naveed

"No, this.... No, it can't be. I've come so far. I've fought long and hard, believing that if I just persevered there would be a way through this. And now I find that no matter how hard I struggle, I am bound to a fate I can't a scarecrow strung up in the carrion fields."
"I wonder if this is how the Chosen felt; bound upon the Bloodstone, unable to focus on anything except the axe...swinging like a pendulum, cutting their time short. Pardon me, friend. I need some time alone to think."


  • During this quest the outpost portals have no effect. This allows a player to completely explore Alcazia Tangle without any foes for Master of the North.
  • Unlike most Mursaat, the Aspect of Lazarus does not use Spectral Agony.
  • When the Aspect of Lazarus has no health left, it will vanish - it will not actually "die" and leave a corpse. As a result, players cannot capture Blinding Surge or any other skills from it.
Bug Bug.If you warp out of the area before the fight is over and the quest log is updated, you won't be able to return, because the quest NPCs do not offer the relevant dialogues; in this case, the only way to do the quest is by abandoning and retaking it.