The Cipher of Balthazar

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The Cipher of Balthazar
Section Tarnished Coast Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Kerrsh
in Tarnished Haven
(Tarnished Coast)
Preceded by The Cipher of Melandru
Followed by The Cipher of Kormir
Type Secondary quest
The Cipher of Balthazar map.jpg
When bar is slightly filled upon zoning
The Cipher of Balthazar map 2.jpg
Spawn location 2
The Cipher of Balthazar map 3.jpg
Spawn location 3
The Cipher of Balthazar map 4.jpg
Spawn location 4

Help Kerrsh research the human gods.

Quest information[edit]




It is possible to complete this quest with little effort - keep zoning into Verdant Cascades from Umbral Grotto until the bar is slightly filled - then head east and then south. As with the other Facets, the location in the zone is randomized. Divination refers to the bar labeled "Proximity to Target" which fills as you approach the Facet's location. Once you find a location where the proximity bar is filled, wait and look around to see a circle of light, signaling the Facet is coming out of hiding.

The spawn location of the Facet of Destruction is random. Known spawn locations:

  1. At the eastern edge of the southwestern forest.
  2. Southwest of the river bend, south of the hill, east of Kaykitt Hidemender's spawn point.
  3. Southwest of the bridge troll.
  4. Northeast of the bridge troll.

Defeat the Facet to complete the quest. The patrolling Quetzal in the area are hostile to the Facet of Destruction and will attack and kill it once it has become visible. The quest will be complete regardless of who killed it.






Initial dialogue[edit]


"To the Asura, there are no gods. There is only Eternal Alchemy. It is the greater scheme of existence of which we are all a part. Your gods are pieces within this design, their manifestation mere facets in the geometric whole.
There is more to be learned, more facets to uncover. There are yet signatures I do not possess. Take the Divination with you. The Facet of Destruction, a manifestation of Balthazar's power, has appeared in the Verdant Cascades. Destroy it, and return its cipher to me."
Yes Accept: "Your manifestation is my destiny."
No Decline: "Do you really need ALL of the ciphers?"
Ask Ask: "The Facet of Destruction has manifested in the Verdant Cascades. The Divination can guide you to it."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"The wavelength patterns here are clearly different from the first cipher. But what does it mean? Perhaps the answer lies in that which is alike, or that which is different. I require more ciphers before it will become clear. There is more for you to do, [character name]. But for now, take this compensation."