The Cipher of Grenth

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The Cipher of Grenth
Section Tarnished Coast Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Kerrsh
in Tarnished Haven
(Tarnished Coast)
Preceded by The Cipher of Melandru
Followed by The Cipher of Kormir
Type Secondary quest
The Cipher of Grenth map.jpg
If divination bar at W (the wagon) matches 1's bar,
then go to spawn location 1 (pink).
The Cipher of Grenth map 2.jpg
Safest route to northeast spawn location 2 (yellow).
The Cipher of Grenth map 3.jpg
Spawn location 3
The Cipher of Grenth map 4.jpg
Spawn location 4

Help Kerrsh research the human gods.

Quest information[edit]


  • Use the Divination to locate the Facet of Death.
  • You are currently carrying the Divination.
  • Defeat the Facet of Death to obtain its cipher.
  • See Kerrsh for your reward.



You can complete this quest with little effort as follows: enter Sparkfly Swamp from Gadd's Encampment, and head east along the path towards the nearby wooden cart; check the proximity bar — if it starts to fill, continue northeast to the Facet of Death and defeat it. Otherwise, rezone and repeat. Be cautious of the two Raptor groups, whose patrol routes converge nearby.

Each time you enter Sparkfly Swamp while this quest is active, the spawning location will be reset to one of the following randomly chosen locations:

  1. In the middle of the swampy area dominated by Heket, who will kill the facet as soon as you trigger its appearance.
  2. North of the Bloodstone Caves there is a shrine. The facet appears north of the shrine.
  3. North and a bit west of the spawn above is another shrine. The facet appears south of this shrine.
  4. East of the shrine mentioned above.

Divination refers to the bar labeled "Proximity to Target" which fills as you approach the facet's location. Once you find a location where the proximity bar is filled, wait and look around to see a circle of light, signaling the facet is coming out of hiding. Defeat the facet to complete the quest.





Initial dialogue[edit]


"The Facet of Death, a revelation of Grenth's power, has manifested within Sparkfly Swamp. Are you noticing a pattern?
You must use the Divination to track down and retrieve its cipher. From that look on your face, I suppose you want to know more. How can I put this so that you will understand.... Gods are part of this world. Think of these "facets" as one of any number of possible manifestations of those gods. Does that make sense to you? No? Then don't think and just get me what I require."
Yes Accept: "Less talk, more action."
No Decline: "My head hurts."
Ask Ask: "Travel to Sparkfly Swamp. The Facet of Death has manifested there."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"I am beginning to understand. There are so many pieces, so many variables, no wonder I haven't seen this before. These ciphers were the strings on the harp of the Eternal Alchemy itself. If only I could pluck them with my fingers. We are nearly there, friend."


  • Facets generally appear near shrines. Always make sure to look around nearby shrines after setting them as your resurrection point.
  • Because of the large number of patrolling creatures in this zone, the only suggestion that can be made is to master their movement. Rezoning is of almost no help in this situation.


  • The accept quote is another, likely reference to Minsc, a character in the video game Baldur's Gate, who says, "Less talk, more fight" in one of his confirming action quotes.