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Celestial Turtle.jpg
Affiliation Kaineng City wildlife
Type Celestial (boss)
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Level(s) 22 (29)
Campaign Factions
Kuonghsang map.jpg
Location in Nahpui Quarter

The Turtle Dragon, the eternal paradox.

Kuonghsang was a wizened old sage who spent his days dispensing helpful advice and delivering messages to and from the spirit realm. When the emperor's daughter took sick with an unknown illness, Kuonghsang consulted with the spirits. After gathering their advice, he returned to his emperor's side, relaying all that he had learned. Convinced of Kuongsang's advice, the emperor ordered the death of the oldest daughter of every household, and when it was done, he looked to his own daughter, sure she would be healthy once more. Instead, he found her cold body lying in her bed. It did not take Kuongsang long to realize he had misinterpreted the riddles of the spirits. In grief and shame, he took the emperor's sword and cut off his own head.

Nahpui Quarter signpost

Kuonghsang is one of the Celestial bosses that appear during the Nahpui Quarter mission.



15 Blood Magic, 13 Curses (20 Blood Magic, 20 Curses in Hard mode)

Items dropped[edit]


  • In the cinematic after talking to Loud Kou, the name is written as "Quon Sang".
  • While in the mission and facing Adept Nai, the portal up the left ramp leads to this boss.