The Monk's Path

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The Monk's Path
Section Crystal Desert Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Nausuan
in Seeker's Passage
(Crystal Desert)
Preceded by Augury Rock
Type Secondary quest
The Monk's Path map.jpg
Route from Elona Reach outpost

Upon completion of this quest, you'll be allowed to become a secondary Monk.

Quest information[edit]




  • 1,000 Experience
  • Monk available for secondary profession


Although the quest says you must go through the Salt Flats to get to Diviner's Ascent, it is easier and faster if you simply map travel to Elona Reach and then walk northeast to the quest marker. The Eater of Souls will appear in the distance. As the player approaches; however, it will soon disappear and a swarm of Jade Scarabs will take its place. After defeating a total of three waves of enemies, the Eater of Souls finally reappears to allow itself to be defeated.

There are enough foes to power one or even two minion masters.







Initial dialogue[edit]

"Many wander through their lives, neither committing to be good nor choosing to be evil. <Character name>, have you considered the path of light? You could learn what it is to be a Monk, to be the bane of darkness.
In a place called Diviner's Ascent lives a foul demon, the Eater of Souls. Destroy this monster and set free those it has imprisoned within its belly. This will be your first step on the path of light."
Yes Accept: "I will destroy this demon!"
No Decline: "This is not my affair."
Ask Ask: "Travel through the Salt Flats to Diviner's Ascent. Then destroy the Eater of Souls."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"The destruction of the Eater of Souls will allow those it has consumed to finally find peace. With this act of selflessness, you have begun a journey to put behind you the darker aspects of yourself. Follow the goodness that is in your heart, and you may yet become a great monk."