Lou, of the Knives

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Lou, of the Knives
Lou, of the Knives.jpg
Affiliation Am Fah
Type Human (boss)
Profession Assassin Assassin
Level(s) 24 (30)
Campaign Factions
Lou, of the Knives map.jpg
Location in Shenzun Tunnels
Lou, of the Knives map2.jpg
Location in Bukdek Byway
Lou, of the Knives map3.jpg
Location in Wajjun Bazaar

Lou, of the Knives is an Am Fah Assassin boss in Shenzun Tunnels.



15 Dagger Mastery


During the quest Deactivating P.O.X.
"The last thing you will see in this life will be my knives."

Items dropped[edit]


  • He has the same skills as Waeng and the two do not appear in the same instance of a zone.
  • In Bukdek Byway and Shenzun Tunnels, this boss does not spawn until approaching his location.
    • As with other areas in the game near bridges and tunnels, you might not be able to see his animated form until you get closer to him (especially in Shenzun Tunnels).
  • Although he might seem to appear earlier, you can only kill him in his true spawning location, which can be identified by following the quest starburst or the maps on this page.