To Tahnnakai Temple

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To Tahnnakai Temple
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Adept Kai
in Senji's Corner
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by Nahpui Quarter
Followed by Tahnnakai Temple
The Shadow Blades
Type Primary quest
To Tahnnakai Temple map.jpg
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Travel from Senji's Corner to Tahnnakai Temple, where one can seek guidance from the dead heroes of Cantha. And make sure everyone comes along.

Quest information[edit]




Exit Senji's Corner into Xaquang Skyway and make your way North, being careful not to aggro more than one group at a time. At the first bridge it's best to wait until you can see Orosen, Tranquil Acolyte. He will run down the bridge followed by his accompanying group. If you run back down to the two guards he will follow you all the way down. If you choose to fight this gives you the bonus of having the assistance of the guards and it will result in the enemies being crowded together. Another option is to move to the right side of the bridge (out of aggro range) and wait for the guards to die; the group will then continue on and you can skip fighting them. Continue northwards across the next bridge. At point 1 (see above image) be sure to pull each group separately back onto the bridge so as not to set off multiple groups.

Shenzun Tunnels[edit]

Continue into Shenzun Tunnels.

Follow the path to the east and then south killing any Am Fah you come across. Remember to watch out for the rangers who will no doubt have laid traps such as Viper's Nest and Spike Trap. Follow the quest marker to the east at the "T" junction and continue up to the entrance to the temple (2). Speak to the guard and Mhenlo will join you. At this point backtrack to the "T" junction and continue straight west. You can usually dodge the group of the Afflicted here but sometimes Mhenlo will set them off. Kill the group of Am Fah and head round to join up with Nika and Master Togo (3).

Alternative path through Maatu Keep.

Here you will have to fend off the Afflicted. They come from three sides but there aren't many so you shouldn't have a problem. Sometimes the last group will get "stuck", head down the ramp and dispose of them to get the final dialog to appear.

Leave with Master Togo and backtrack again back to the entrance to the temple (2) and talk to the guard to head inside.

Maatu Keep[edit]

As an alternative path, you can proceed from Senji's Corner through Nahpui Quarter into Shenzun Tunnels, and then proceed along the south side of the region to Maatu Keep. Not only does this add Maatu Keep to your map much sooner than you would otherwise get there, but the quest is more easily completed from there.







Initial dialogue[edit]

Adept Kai
"Now that you have become Weh no Su, you can seek the advice and assistance of Cantha's ancient heroes. Travel to Tahnnakai Temple and speak with the spirits who reside there."
Yes Accept: "I will go to Tahnnakai Temple."
No Decline: "I don't like talking to the dead."
Ask Ask: "The next step is clear: travel to Tahnnakai Temple and speak with the heroic spirits there."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Temple Guard Bai
"So, you are telling me that you are friends with the emperor's half brother, Master Togo? Suuuuure you are. And I am the emperor himself. As I have said before, no one but those of imperial blood may enter. Now, be gone!"
Brother Mhenlo
"Psst! Over here!"
"Tahnnakai Temple will have to wait. Nika and the Obsidian Flame have fallen under attack by the Afflicted, and Master Togo wants us to help defend them. He sent me to find you.
We will return the temple when this battle is over. [sic] For now, we must hurry to join Master Togo."
"Nika and Master Togo are in great danger. We must hurry to join them!"

When reaching Togo, Nika and the Obsidian Flame:

Brother Mhenlo: "Oh no! Here they come!"

After the afflicted groups are defeated:

Master Togo: "That was the last of them. Nika, forgive us, but we must be on our way."
Nika: "I understand, but know that you have an ally in the Obsidian Flame."
Master Togo: "Thank you, Nika. Your heart is as true as ever."
Brother Mhenlo: "Master Togo, I am concerned for our new allies. I would like to remain behind and tend to any lingering wounds."
Master Togo: "As you wish, Mhenlo. It is time the rest of us departed for Tahnnakai Temple."
Temple Guard Bai
"If you are with the emperor's half brother, Master Togo, then I can let you enter. Please let me know when you are prepared."
Yes We wish to enter the temple.
"When you are ready to travel, I will take you to Tahnnakai Temple. It is an honor that you are allowed beyond this gate, so show the proper respect."
Yes We are respectfully ready to enter the temple.
"Your entire party is about to be moved to the next area. Make sure all party members are ready first. Do you wish to continue?"
Yes Yes. (sent to To Tahnnakai Temple (cinematic))
No No.
No Not right now.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Brother Khai Jhong
"Beyond these gates resides the spirits of Cantha's greatest heroes. They are in great peril right now! Master Togo went on ahead and is awaiting you. Hurry!"


  • Mhenlo is programmed to take a specified path to Togo and Nika, and will not follow or wait for your party, therefore stay close to him.
  • To prevent Mhenlo from becoming stuck or taking the wrong path, destroy any minions prior to him joining your party.
  • If you re-zone (i.e. head into another area or outpost) after completing the fight with Nika you will have to re-do the quest. This can be annoying if you want to flag Maatu Keep during the Seeking Shelter quest at the same time. Instead, escort Togo back to the Temple and wait for the quest to update. You should then be able to double back to the Keep, enter the tunnels again and fight your way back to the Temple without having to re-do the quest.
Bug Bug.Even if Mhenlo dies — and the quest log says Quest Failed — you might be able to complete the quest: keep moving forward to complete the objectives and you should be able to enter the temple as usual.
Bug Bug. Sometimes Nika and Mhenlo will say their dialogue early and out-of-order.
Bug Bug.Mhenlo and Togo both may become stuck at various points in this quest: Mhenlo often stops to heal minions; Togo can get body blocked by the Obsidian Flame Assassin and/or Nika after the battle, just before the trek back to the Temple. Brother Mhenlo can get stuck standing by Temple Guard Bai and will not follow you to the next marker. There is no option but to start over.
Bug Bug. The quest log will not update once Mhenlo meets up with Master Togo and Nika. This occurs if he takes a path other than the one programmed.
Bug Bug.The last group of afflicted at the bottom of the ramp may sometimes get stuck fighting a group of Am Fah and not approach Mhenlo. Seeking out and killing the group still allows progression.