Obsidian Flame (guild)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a guild found in Cantha. For a spell, see Obsidian Flame.
Nika and an Obsidian Flame Assassin in the Shenzun Tunnels.

The Obsidian Flame is a guild of Assassins based in Kaineng City. They work closely with Emperor Kisu and the Emperor's Hand to maintain the peace within the Empire of the Dragon. The guild abides by a strict code of honor and is known for keeping the Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood in check. According to Kiishen, the Obsidian Flame and Am Fah despise each other.


Currently known members are:


Anomaly Anomaly.Generic members use the same model and textures as Am Fah Assassins; thus they have the Am Fah guild emblem on their capes, despite supposedly despising them.