Brother Khai Jhong

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Brother Khai Jhong
Canthan adept.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Factions

Brother Khai Jhong informs the player of the upcoming Tahnnakai Temple mission.



Quests involved in:


"We of the Sai Ling Order are the caretakers of Tahnnakai Temple. We tend the fires and keep the tombs and statues free of dust. There is not much else to worry us, here. We receive few visitors, aside from the emperor's yearly visit or the nobles who make offerings hoping to earn the heroes' favor. No one is admitted without a royal seal."
"Of course, only those who have become Weh no Su, or Closer to the Stars, can actually speak to the heroes entombed here. The emperor himself, and only one or two others."
Why have I come to Tahnnakai Temple?
"After becoming Closer to the Stars, you learned of Tahnnakai Temple, where the souls of Canthan heroes rest. Shiro has been raising a spirit army; the former heroes will make powerful allies if bound to his will."
What is the situation in Tahnnakai Temple?
"Shiro has arrived and is strengthening his army by binding the spirits of Canthan heroes held within this hall. Only Vizu has been able to hold out, but the binding ritual on the others is not complete. Togo believes that Vizu possesses critical information regarding Shiro."
I am at a loss. Can you help me?
"1. Be prepared to suffer injury should you find yourself alongside a recently deceased corpse of the Afflicted. Why? Because it explodes upon death!
"2. When you destroy a construct, the spirit will be released, allowing you to continue. It will lend Vizu some of its strength.
"3. Area-of-effect damage is quite useful, but potentially dangerous to your party if members are fighting in the proximity of plague creatures."
Replay the mission cinematic.