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Affiliation Tyrians
Type Human
Professions Monk Monk
Assassin Assassin
Service Henchman
Level(s) 17, 20
Campaigns Prophecies
Eye of the North

Lina Esrevni can be hired as a Protection henchman in the later parts of Prophecies. She is also available in Eye of the North, albeit with a completely revamped skillset.

She is labeled as a "Protector Henchman" in Guild Wars Prophecies, and as a "Protection Henchman" in Guild Wars Eye of the North.




8 Divine Favor, 6 Healing Prayers, 10 Protection Prayers at level 17
12 Divine Favor, 8 Healing Prayers, 12 Protection Prayers at level 20

Level Skills
Divine Healing.jpg
Mend Ailment.jpg
Protective Spirit.jpg
Restore Life.jpg
Reversal of Fortune.jpg
Shielding Hands.jpg
Aura of Faith.jpg
Divine Healing.jpg
Mend Ailment.jpg
Protective Spirit.jpg
Restore Life.jpg
Reversal of Fortune.jpg
Shielding Hands.jpg
In Hard mode, Aura of Faith is added to the Normal mode build.
Eye of the North

11 Divine Favor, 6 Healing Prayers, 12 Protection Prayers

Level Skills
Dismiss Condition.jpg
Protective Spirit.jpg
Resurrection Chant.jpg
Reversal of Fortune.jpg
Shield of Absorption.jpg
Zealous Benediction.jpg




  • Party-wide support with Divine Healing and Aegis.
  • Strong single target damage reduction.
  • Effective healing in condition heavy areas.
  • Can buff the healing of other ally healing sources.
  • Due to Spectral Agony dealing damage rather than its described health loss, her protection spells can help mitigate the damage received by an ally not infused.


  • Multiple of her protection spells overlap for reduced individual potency.
  • Modest conditional healing will likely require another support character.
  • No hex removal.
  • No energy management.
  • Resurrection skill is a touch spell.
  • Not infused prior to Iron Mines of Moladune.

Eye of the North[edit]


  • Good protection spells.
  • Elite skill is a strong direct heal.
  • Can remove conditions.
  • Hard Resurrection Skill.


  • No hex removal.
  • No energy management aside from Zealous Benediction.
  • Has a bad habit of using Zealous Benediction on allies who do not need it, therefore wasting its energy management capacity.
  • Uses Protective Spirit as a heal, heedless of its actual effects, often resulting in misuse of the skill.
  • Sometimes uses Return to shadowstep into range of foes rather than out of it.



Towns and outposts:

"The only thing worse than standing next to a resurrection shrine all day has got to be dragging myself through snow, swamps, and deserts chasing after you. When I promised Priestess Rashenna that I'd come protect you, I didn't think I'd be making a lifelong commitment!"

Droknar's Forge (explorable area):

"If you ever need the protective services of a monk again, be sure to look me up. It has been an honor protecting you."

Eye of the North[edit]

Far Shiverpeaks towns and outposts:

"The first thing you notice about me is that I'm fabulous. The second, that I'm winning, and the third is that you no longer have time to notice anything at all."

Charr Homelands towns and outposts:

"Hello, my little friend. Planning on getting injured again? Yes, I thought so. I'd better go with you, to make sure... that you're healed, of course!"

Tarnished Coast towns and outposts:

"Every time I get used to the fact that humans are in charge of everything, we come across some other creatures that think they're in the running. We usually blow them up."

Central Transfer Chamber:

"A monk's life is simple: patch people up, preen, protect things, preen, heal someone, and when you're done with that, rest assured that it's a job well done."


"C'mon, let's get out of here before your head swells any more. I can only protect you if you still fit behind my shield."



Crystal Desert:

"There is something very beautiful about a desert. The sheer vastness of it…"
"The sand feels good between my toes."
"So many dead."
"The spirits of the dead are many in this place."
"This place must be cursed, else why have so many been drawn here only to die?"

Shiverpeak Mountains:

"A fire would be nice."
"Can we get this show on the road?"
"I hear the mountain is crawling with Stone Summit."
"I look forward to warmer climes."
"I wonder if we'll ever have snow in Ascalon again?"
"The Deldrimor Dwarves make hearty allies for such small folk."
"This place is so quiet. I don't trust it."

Ring of Fire Island Chain:

"All my life I never dreamed such a place could exist."
"Dwayna help us. This place frightens me."
"I'd really like to go home now."

Eye of the North[edit]

"Are we there yet?"
"I appreciate the quiet moments."
"I wish I'd brought a good book."
"Too bad there aren't any roses to stop and smell..."

Battle quotes[edit]


"Dwayna's blessings be upon us."
"Evil cannot bide the light for long."
"The powers of light protect us."
"These creatures are pitiful in Dwayna's eyes."

Eye of the North[edit]

"By Dwayna! What is this?"
"Do not fear. I walk with you."
"Don't panic."
"Face the light, creature!"
"Fight bravely!"
"For that little insult I shall resurrect you when you die and kill you again!"
"I will protect you."
"Just die, why don't you?"
"Pitiful. Just pitiful."
"So much death..."
"Stay alert."
"These hands also kill."
"Who is going to clean up this mess?"
"You'll pay for that with your life!"


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