Deldrimor War Camp

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Deldrimor War Camp
Deldrimor War Camp.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Southern Shiverpeaks
Type Outpost
Party size 8
Exit(s) Grenth's Footprint

A dozen years ago, two Ascalon explorers, Marshall Whitman and Tasca, planted a flag in the ground and declared this thin patch of the ground to be their base camp. Those days of peaceful exploration are now gone, replaced by ballistae, Deldrimor soldiers, and Dolyaks perched on the precipice of Grenth's Footprint.

— in-game description

The Deldrimor War Camp is an outpost in the Southern Shiverpeaks.

This area functions as a lobby for organizing party expeditions into Sorrow's Furnace.

Getting there[edit]

To get to this outpost leave Droknar's Forge and journey through Talus Chute, Camp Rankor, Snake Dance, and Grenth's Footprint. Alternatively, one can leave from Copperhammer Mines and pass through Spearhead Peak and Grenth's Footprint. Another shorter alternative way is from The Granite Citadel through Spearhead Peak and Grenth's Footprint.




(all level 20)

Other allies[edit]


  • This outpost, along with The Granite Citadel, has an additional musical score, which includes flute and violin. The music is called "Over The Shiverpeaks" in the Guild Wars Prophecies Official Soundtrack.
  • This area was added with the Sorrow's Furnace update.
  • This outpost serves primarily as a staging point for farming/questing of Sorrow's Furnace and Grenth's Footprint.
Bug Bug.The music in this outpost will cut off upon entering certain spots. These include standing behind the Xunlai chest, the dolyaks, the northwestern siege engine, or entering the northeastern segment of the outpost in general.

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