Cowl Fiercetongue

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Cowl Fiercetongue
Charr ritualist.jpg
Affiliation Fierce Warband
Type Charr
Professions Elementalist Elementalist
Monk Monk
Level(s) 20
Campaign Eye of the North

Cowl Fiercetongue is a member of Pyre Fierceshot's warband.




Quests involved in:


8-10 Protection Prayers, 15 Water Magic (14-16 Protection Prayers, 20 Water Magic in Hard mode)


Bug Bug.In Warband of Brothers, Cowl Fiercetongue will not attack nor use skills that target a foe until the party reaches the last level. He will still be targeted by foes.


During Warband of Brothers and in the Epilogue:

"I've been a part of many horrific and strange things in my life, but nothing equals being rescued by a human. Hrmph!"

Dalada Uplands (during What Must Be Done):

"Why fight fire with fire when water is available?"

During Assault on the Stronghold:

"Burntsoul's treachery ends today!"