Budger Blackpowder

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Budger Blackpowder
Budger Blackpowder.jpg
Affiliation Deldrimor
Type Dwarf
Profession Ranger Ranger
Level(s) 20
Campaigns Prophecies
Eye of the North

Budger Blackpowder is a dwarven explosives specialist. He is mentor to Undrath Blastrock and the assistant of Ennis Granitestrider. Ennis Granitestrider and he seek to destroy the Forge operated by the Stone Summit deep within Sorrow's Furnace.

He escorts players during the quest the Forge Heart and provides ample explosives in the form of Dwarven Powder Kegs.

In Guild Wars Eye of the North, he is first encountered in Drakkar Lake, offering an unlimited supply of powder kegs for 100 Gold. If you hire him, he will follow you, even into neighboring explorable areas. He will not attack or use any skills, and enemies will not target him. His powder kegs are somewhat useful as they deal 50 armor-ignoring damage to adjacent foes and also knocks them down (if able). The powder kegs are actually bundle items. Dropping them triggers a countdown and the powder kegs explode in about 3 seconds. The explosion does not affect allies.




Eye of the North[edit]


Sorrow's Furnace:

Do you know why me power kegs are so good? I use griffon guano to give 'em that extra kick!

Far Shiverpeaks:

"You look like you could use a bit of powder for your journey. I'll make you a deal; pay me 100 gold and I'll follow you and provide you with as many of my kegs...the powder kind...as you need."
Yes Hire Budger Blackpowder for 100 gold.
"Say, why don't we go find some things to blow up, eh?"
No I'll be on my way.

Approaching the Dwarven Miners in Drakkar Lake (after hiring him, with the Big Unfriendly Jotun completed):

"Aye there, laddies! Keep up the good work. The powder we're making from this ore is some of the finest I've ever seen."


"Ha! Now THAT was an explosion. It was so beautiful it made me weep."

Responses when getting a powder keg:

"Can you believe they waste my precious powder on something as mundane as ore mining?"
"Do you know why my powder kegs are so good? I use griffon guano to give 'em that extra kick!"
"Nothing sounds as good as a little boom-boom, eh?"
"Once, I gave someone a keg, and they used it as a chair. Not pretty."
"One powder keg coming right up! Careful, now...."
"Watch where you stick this stuff. You could put an eye out. Or a whole head."

Response if you try to get another keg within four seconds:

"Back for more, eh? Give me a moment to fill another keg."

During Heart of the Shiverpeaks:

"We are going to show those Destroyers not to mess with people of Tyria!" [sic]


  • In the Southern Shiverpeaks, he uses Flame Trap constantly, and it activates on casting, knocking him down but causing no damage.
  • As per the June 11th 09 update, he only gives kegs every four seconds now instead of instantly; thus effectively stopping Keg Farming. The four second wait time causes enemies to scatter.
  • Voice response:
"Hail, human."
"There is much to do."
"What news of the war?"
"You seek the Dwarves?"
"You need me?"