The Big Unfriendly Jotun

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The Big Unfriendly Jotun
Section Far Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Undrath Blastrock
in Sifhalla
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Type Secondary quest
The Big Unfriendly Jotun map.jpg
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Quest information[edit]




Leave Sifhalla and go south. You will come across two Jotun Skullsmashers standing still to each side and will already be able to sight Chieftain Ulgrimar Gnash. There will be an incoming group of 4-5 Jotun nearby, wait for them before facing the boss and its allies to prevent over-aggro. The Chieftain's allies can be carefully pulled to face the boss alone.



Ogre (Jotun)


Ogre (Jotun)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Undrath Blastrock

"I got myself a giant problem, friend. I came all the way from Deldrimor because Budger Blackpowder needed to extract some tricky ore for his high quality explosives. But no sooner than I set up operations did a jotun clan move in and slaughter most of our workers. The rest of our miners won't go near the site. You might not know this, but we Dwarves don't much [sic] like jotun. Nasty customers with big clubs. Do me and Budger a favor, would you? Go remove the jotun clan leader, Ulgrimar Gnash and all of his Dwarf-busting buddies so we can start mining again."
Yes Accept: "I won't let the jotun clan muscle you out."
No Decline: "Why don't we pick on someone our own size?"
Ask Ask: "Head out to Drakkar Lake and look for a jotun chieftain named Ulgrimar Gnash. That's either his name or the sound he makes as he tears you limb from limb."

Reward dialoge[edit]

Undrath Blastrock

"You're proving to be quite a handy human to have around! Budger'll be thrilled to hear the news. It means more powder kegs for him! I'll get my mining team back up there as soon as possible."