Avatar of Grenth (NPC)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about an NPC appearing during Wintersday. For other uses, see Avatar of Grenth (disambiguation).
Avatar of Grenth
Voice of Grenth.jpg
Affiliation Grenth
Type Avatar
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Level(s) 24
Campaigns Core

The avatar of Grenth during the Wintersday and Wintersday in July events.


During Wintersday and Wintersday in July[edit]


"As all mortals face the judgment of Grenth in the afterlife, so now the world lies helpless within the icy grip of the god of death. Those who mock his power with frivolous merriment risk bringing his wrath upon not only themselves but all the world."

Wintersday finale

See Wintersday/Finale

Dwayna Vs Grenth

When spoken to by a member Dwayna's team:

"Away with you, servant of Dwayna, before I feast on your holiday spirit!"

When spoken to by a member of Grenth's team:

"Bring me the presents that you find in the arena, and I will destroy them! Victory shall be mine!"


"Speak to the Snowball Fight Recruiter [sic] for details on how you can ruin Dwayna's celebration!"

When Grenth's team scores:

"Another Wintersday dream destroyed! Ha ha ha!"