Wintersday Priest

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Wintersday Priest
Shining Blade warrior.jpg
Affiliation Wintersday
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Service Arena guard
Travel NPC
Level(s) 20
Campaigns Core

Wintersday Priests are similar to most Arena Guards in the way that they teleport you to an arena. These will take you to the Dwayna vs Grenth arena, or back out again.


Only spawns at the following locations during the Wintersday and Wintersday in July events:


When spoken to in town:

"Do you like a good snowball fight? That's right, the time has come for the sacred Wintersday ritual to determine whether Grenth or Dwayna will hold greater sway in the year to come. As always, the gods have decreed that we shall battle in their stead, using weapons provided by the heavens...snowballs, that is. If you wish to participate, let me know."
I like snowball fights.
"That's great. Some people are intimidated by the thought of holding the fate of the world in their frosty little mittens, but frankly, I guess they're missing out. Snowball fights are fun. So, what do you say, are you ready to go fight now?"
I am ready.
"One last thing: If you go, you won't be able to form a party. The gods have decreed that the teams for this sacred contest must be decided by fate. Keeps things more fair for everyone, you know? Do you accept these terms?"
Yes Accept
No Decline

When spoken to in Dwayna Vs Grenth (outpost):

"When you are ready to travel, I will take you to the edge of the city"
Yes <name of the town you entered from>
No We are not ready yet.


"Come one and all. speak to me to learn how to join the greatest of Wintersday activities: the glorious snowball fight!"