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This page contains information about an obsolete build. The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

A gimmick build that has as its central concept a knockdown warrior, typically using Shove followed by Crushing Blow, and at least three monks using Stonesoul Strike and Holy Strike on the knocked down target. Typically all the spikers shadowstep to the target using Shadow Walk, then cancel Shadow Walk using Dash once the target is dead. The rest of the monk's bars are typically filled with healing skills while the warrior takes skills such as Grapple for use in back up spikes. Spikes can also be initiated by using Dash to reach the target, but these are easier to spot.

The build originally saw heavy use in TA, but became rarer as the counters such as anti-knockdown and interrupting the warrior became more widely known, making the build less effective. It has also seen incarnations in GvG and HA.

The build is named after the tag of the guild founded by its creator, Blood And Chains [Goth], who originally played it in TA, then used it in GvG with moderate success.