Dune Lizard (collector)

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This page contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

:Disambig icon.png This article is about the Dune Lizard collector. For the charmable animal, see Dune Lizard.

Dune Lizard (collector)
Dune Lizard.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Animal
Service Collector
Level(s) 5
Campaign Prophecies

The Dune Lizard is one of several collectors during the Farewell to Gaile event.



"*The dune lizard fastidiously ignores your presence.*"

Collector items[edit]

Location: Lion's Arch
Collecting: 2 Mountain Troll Tusks

Item Stats Value
Hunters Ale Uses remaining: 1
Honeycomb Uses remaining: 1
Champagne Popper Uses remaining: 1
Bottle Rocket Uses remaining: 1
Sparkler Uses remaining: 1