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This page contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

Keg farming is accomplished by rapidly dropping Dwarven Powder Keg (bundle) received from Budger Blackpowder while staying in Shadow Form to eliminate enemies. In Hard Mode, this type of farming tends to yield large amounts of gold drops in comparably small amounts of time. During special event weekends, this method can be used to quickly obtain stacks of Seasonal items. The trophy item, Glacial Stone, which can be traded for Glacial Gauntlets, can also be farmed like this. Lastly, keg farming provides one method to raise Norn rank, if the Norn Hunting Party bonus from Jarnskeggi at the resurrection shrine is grabbed.

Because of all of the drops and benefits, Keg Farming can be very profitable.


Starting from the western entrance of Sifhalla, pay Budger Blackpowder 100g, and travel all the way to Jaga Moraine. Once you arrive at Jaga Moraine (from the east), you should see about 60 or so Spectral Vaettirs. You can repeat the farm by zoning out of and back into Jaga Moraine (east).


Starting from the western entrance of Sifhalla and after hiring Budger Blackpowder (100 gp), you must travel all the way down to Norrhart Domains, and eventually east and north to Bjora Marches. There will be a big spawn of Modniirs in Norrhart Domains which can be simply avoided by taking a southeastern route around them. Going the southern route, there will be a large patrol of Moodnirs which can be avoided, simply by waiting a few seconds after they start moving. Travel northwest into Jaga Moraine, and you have reached the farming location. It should be noted, that in Norrhart Domains, there are several Avalanche which move fast enough to catch you constantly. Unless experienced, it is advisable to simply wait so their patrols pass, before going on. When all the Spectral Vaettirs are killed, simply rezone to start again. During the run, try to avoid Modiniirs because they use the skill Trample, which can damage you through Shadow Form and knock you down. An easy way to drop the kegs can be done by setting Drop Item to a button (or pressing the button for one of your weapon sets will automatically drop a bundle). Be next to Budger Blackpowder and have him selected. Spamming the button you set Drop Item to and pressing the space bar will drop kegs rapidly.


The basics for this build are the skills/equipment for perma sin. Some other skills that can be very useful are, "I Am Unstoppable!" to prevent knockdowns from the skill Trample from the Modniir, Death's Retreat in order to reach Budger Blackpowder if you're stuck in between Spectral Vaettirs, and some running skills to reach Jaga Moraine faster.


  • Remember to put Hard Mode on before starting this farm and bring 100 gold with you in order to hire Budger Blackpowder.
  • Do not have the quest Flames of the Bear Spirit active or the Spectral Vaettirs will not spawn
  • Due to the Game update on the 11th of June 09 Keg farming is no longer viable. The time between keg drops will cause enemies to scatter.