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This page contains information about an obsolete build. The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

An Imbawar is a Warrior that uses various skills to maintain "Save Yourselves!" indefinitely. They are the warrior-equivalent of an Imbagon.

General Principle[edit]

The Imbawar provides both damage and team protection into one build. This tactic is often utilized to efficiently vanquish areas and earn many points in different title tracks. In addition, having two or three imbawars to spam "Save Yourselves!" simultaneously provides constant damage reduction of approximately 75 to 83%, thus helping to keep your party alive.


The Imbawar utilizes Enduring Harmony with "For Great Justice!" to keep adrenaline input at a maximum. Once the Imbawar has reached eight adrenaline, he uses "Save Yourselves!" to give his team armor. Afterwards, the Imbawar maintains adrenaline intake with Dragon Slash, thus allowing "Save Yourselves!" to recharge very quickly. Whirlwind Attack can also be an incredible way to keep adrenaline high.

Side Skills[edit]

Flail combined with Enraged Smash works just as well to keep "Save Yourselves!" up all times. Though this method is not preferred because the lack of a shield is devastating in many elite areas that might require a high amount of defense to survive fierce blows and "nukers". This option is used mostly by experienced hammer warriors whereas otherwise the above is suggested.

Battle Behavior[edit]

The Imbawar is little-known, though it plays very similar to its Paragon counterpart.

PvE: The Imbawar needs to engage his opponents in order to build adrenaline. Once he is able to, he starts spamming "Save Yourselves!". He needs to keep his adrenaline and use "Save Yourselves!" when needed.

PvP: The Imbawar is useless outside of PvE, as the main skill of the build is only allowed in PvE.


Anything that prohibits adrenaline gain defeats this build. Having a few skills specifically dedicated to build adrenaline also cuts out on some of its damage output.