"Victory or Death!" strategy

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This page contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

Your team's VoD Strategy tends to be different from game to game. Numerous factors can affect your team's strategy, including, but not restricted to: NPCs alive in each other's bases, enemy's build, the map.

Pre VoD Strategy[edit]

  • A strategy that can help highly if you think a match is going to head to VoD is to have some of your team split and infiltrate the opponents base to wipe some/all of the opponents NPCs.

Potential VoD Strategies[edit]

Various strategies can be taken based on your NPC situation alone.

NPC Deficit[edit]

  • Attempt a Guild Lord gank as a team, or split off some individuals.
  • Attempt to kill their NPCs while keeping your NPCs (if you have any) alive. This is risky situation if the enemy's NPC advantage is substantial. Sometimes leads to a party wipe.

Similar NPC numbers[edit]

  • Fight 8v8, focusing on killing your opponent's NPCs while keeping your own alive.
  • Split characters forcing your opponent's to react.

NPC Advantage[edit]

  • Be wary of a Guild Lord gank, as it may be one of the enemy only hopes of achieving victory. This can be done by having defensive and/or offensive characters ready to go towards the Guild Lord.
  • Kill any remaining NPCs on the enemy team.
  • If the other team decides to fight 8v8 in your NPCs, be sure to apply pressure to the enemy's monks. Hopefully, with your pressure and your NPCs pressure, they will wipe.

If in Enemy Base[edit]

  • If you stay out of the way of the NPCs you could take on the Guild Lord when he is on his own.
  • You could send your party through another gate when the other NPCs are out fighting one another.

In Any Close-Contact Situation[edit]

  • When in a close-contact situation, it is useful to have a ritualist with Splinter Weapon to buff your melee characters as this allows for mass AoE damage which the opponent's NPCs do not move out of, allowing you to kill off a large number fairly quickly.