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Splitting is referred to any type of splitting of your forces and attacking on more than one front, typically having the split team going through the backdoor of the map. This used to be especially popular for VoD builds, where eliminating as many enemy NPCs as possible was the key to success.

Building a Split Team[edit]

  • Snares - The ability to snare the counter-gank team is very important, in addition to stalling the enemy's flag runner. Examples include "You're All Alone!" or Crippling Shot.
  • Your own movement control - Shadow stepping or Speed boosts are recommended for quick travelling.
  • Self-Survivability - Having the ability to shed conditions (Mending Touch is the popular example) and hexes, to heal yourself while alone or in small groups is vital.
  • Effectiveness when 8v8 - Your character must remain effective when in an 8v8 situation as well as in smaller confrontations.

Strategies of a Split Team[edit]

  • Killing NPCs or players that were sent back to counter-gank.
  • Collapsing on the center team to have a player advantage, hoping to get kills.
  • Not dying - Deaths will enable the other team's counter-gank to collapse middle and have a player advantage.
  • Hindering their flag runner with the intention of provoking a morale boost.
  • Aiding your own flag runner.
  • Counter the enemy's gank squad or split while making sure to inform your team of their progress.
  • Capture other map-related points (Health Shrines, Catapults and Repair Kits, and Additional Flag Stands).

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