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Cartography Modifications[edit]

The mods in this section alter the appearance or rendering of the game maps to provide additional functionality or to alter its visual appeal. You will need to download uMod or TexMod to apply these modifications.

Cartography Made Easy[edit]

Loading this mod with Texmod will display the fog on the world map and mission map (U by default) with a different color, which allows to better check if the fog has been removed. The mod will also fill with black the areas where the map is known not to be explorable, allowing for an effective instant comparison with a Grandmaster Cartography map for an easy way to find missing or hard to reach spots.

Originally created by the guild "Mystical Chaos" (especially Pyron Sy), updated by God Of Fissures with an improved design and for Cantha only in 2014-2015 and by Ruine Eternelle in 2017 with notes:

2017 Edition - Updated, Extended[edit]

Note : More areas and notes, including areas reached through quests and exploits (portal jumping and Gate glitch). Entirely optional, these areas still remove the fog, potentially helping get the title more easily (for instance allowing exploration of Cantha without FA/JQ).
Note 2: Pre-searing Ascalon and the Battle Isles are included (even though the two areas do not contribute to a title), as well as historically explorable areas (such as old PvP outposts and death teleportation areas), which still contribute to the titles for those that have them uncovered, but currently unexplorable.

2014 Edition - Cantha Revised[edit]

Note: More pieces of fog, notes describing how to access exclusive areas, prettier fog color.

2009 Edition - The Complete Collection[edit]

Note: Last updated on March 6, 2009.

Mini Map / World Map UI[edit]

In-game Mission Maps (IGMM)[edit]

This is a mod that adds a walk-through of red dots for each mission on the map itself, highlighting important places and bosses located within. It also shows a "times table" for any mission with a time limit for Masters. The Mission Map (U) generally gives a better view than the World Map does. These maps are heavily based off of Celestia's maps on the Wiki.

Note: This mod does work with Cartography Made Easy, but ONLY if IGMM is loaded before CME (higher on the queue or list of mods).

Prophecies 2005 World Map[edit]

This modification reverts the Prophecies world map to the way it was in 2005. Highly recommended for those who want a burst of oldschool nostalgia. The old map tiles were ripped from the .DAT files on the original game discs that shipped in 2005.

Realm of Torment Detailed World Map[edit]

This map mod turns your "M" map inside the Realm of Torment into a detailed version showing each area or mission as well as added background effects that resemble a galaxy. It removes the bland scroll background for all of this. The mission and town names and icons all remain the same.

Farming / Speedclear UI[edit]

DTSC 4 Way Map Mod[edit]

Shows the 4 paths in what is sometimes referred to as Frenchway, including the oni zones and where in them that oni tend to spawn.

Kurz HFFF Duel of The Houses[edit]

Kurzick Hero Fast Faction Farming pin points for heroes and henchmen.

Morostav Trail Speed Clear Map[edit]

Kurzick Faction Farming Speed Clear.

Mount Qinkai Speed-Clear Map[edit]

In the style of my In-Game Mission Maps, this is a map overlay of the 2-man and 8-man Mount Qinkai speed clear vanquish. Info on the 2-man Heroway method can be found here and the 8-man Monkway here

Running UI[edit]

Runner routes and skill timings map[edit]

High accuracy running routes and skill timing maps.

Desolation Runner[edit]

This mod highlights all the unsafe areas in pure red, leaving the safe spots unchanged. Since most of the textures have similar colors, this clearly distinguishes "safe" from "unsafe" so Desolation runs can be completed easier for those unfamiliar with the safe spots.

Note: Texture settings must be set to Medium or higher for this to work.

Factions Running Routes[edit]

Cantha can be a very confusing place to run people through. This modification alleviates that confusion by showing running routes on the world map/minimap. Not all the routes are shown, just the ones that matter when rushing players through the Factions campaign.

LA to Drok's Running Guide[edit]

Guide to show which way to go while running from Lion's Arch to Droknar's Forge

Underworld Smite Runner Map[edit]

This mod removes the fog in all areas as well as adding the paths of smites, skeles, coldfires, and safespots on the mission map.

Urgoz Map[edit]

The Deep Map[edit]

The Underworld Quests Map[edit]

The FoW Map[edit]