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I <3 Google Chrome

Left to 50/50 and GWAMM:
Underworld | Domain of Anguish | Survivor (1337k XP left) | Luxon rank (6.5m Faction left) | Zaishen rank (170 keys/950Platinum left)

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I've been playing Guild Wars for over 5 years now, although not consistently. I've alternated in WoW and other MMOs, and also play my PS3 quite often. As with the majority of GW players, I'm gearing up my HoM and titles for Guild Wars 2, and anxiously await the day I can set foot in a new Tyria once again. Outside of progression, I like to dabble in Texmod and anything new and fun in the GW community, especially on the GWW.

I almost exclusively play PvE, and PvP in most MMOs hasn't really clicked with me.

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