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The Test Krewe was a group of players selected by ArenaNet to have direct access to the Guild Wars test servers and to interact with the game developers through a forum, in order to help the Live Team test incoming updates for the game. The Krewe had separate teams for PvE and PvP testing, although some players did both. Test Krewe members were permitted to disclose that they were in the Krewe, but further details were limited due to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) signed by all members of the Live Test Krewe.


  • 19th June 2009: the Test Krewe is first announced
  • August 2009: the sign-up period for the Test Krewe opens, closing a few weeks later.
  • October 2009: invitations for the Test Krewe are sent. Players were asked to sign a digital NDA as well as a paper one, and were then sent login details for the test server and forums.
  • 04 December 2009: the Test Krewe opens to its members.


  • The name "Test Krewe" is a reference to Asuran krewes assigned to a specific task.